Wood Planks
WoodPlanks Infobox.PNG
Type Block
Sub-Type Material
Rarity Common
Tooltip I think I see alien woodworm.
Sell Value No Value
Material In Distress Beacon
Large Wooden Crate
Stone Axe
Stone Hoe
Stone Pickaxe
Wood Platform
Wooden Bed
Wooden Blinds
Wooden Chair
Wooden Cooking Table
Wooden Crafting Table
Wooden Crate
Wooden Door
Wooden Fence
Wooden Gate
Wooden Support
Wooden Table
Wooden Window
Yarn Spinner
Crafted With Makes 3
1 x Unrefined Wood

Wood Planks are a basic block, crafted from Unrefined Wood, that can be used to craft a wide variety of starting items. They can also be used as building blocks.

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