Wheat infobox
Type Food
Sub-Type Ingredient
Rarity Common
Tooltip Essential for making bread.
Sell Value 360 Pixels
Material In Bread
Beakseed Bread
Carrot Bread
Mushroom Bread
Battered Banana
Beakseed Tart
Pearlpea Broth
Spooky Pie
Meat Dumplings
Fish Dumplings
Fish Stew
Automato Stew
Bacon Pancakes
Meat Stew
Pearlpea Pancakes
Pizza Slice
Pineapple Pizza Slice
Pussplum Tart
Oculemon Stew
Mushroom Quiche
Feather Food
Banana Cream Pie
Banana Cream Donut
Spooky Donut
Spiky Cookies
Carrot Cake
Coffee Cake
Apple Crumble
Toxic Tart
Toxic Jam Donut
Farmed With Wheat Seeds

Wheat is a food obtained through farming. Wheat Seeds for growing wheat can be found on the planet surface or in chests. It needs two blocks of tilled dirt to grow on. Despite their appearance when full-grown, wheat plants occupy only a 2x1 area during all stages of growth.

Wheat takes 1-2 minutes to grow to full maturity if the player is nearby the entire time. It can take 3 times as long if the player is not nearby. To harvest the fully grown wheat, move the cursor over it and press E.

Wheat plants frequently produce more seeds than were planted, provided that it is broken during the 3rd stage of its 3 stages of growth. If you break it during the 2nd stage, it will give plant fibre and some wheat, but no seed.

Wheat growth

The three stages of wheat growth