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There are numerous Weapons in Starbound. Most weapons are procedurally generated, and they all have different statistics. You will seldom stumble upon the same weapon twice. There are literally millions of combinations, but it’s not just about the looks: every single one of these behaves differently. Weapons will be able to be dyed to the players preference to add customisable colors.

Weapon TypeEdit

Weapons will be divided into two types: Melee and Ranged.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Ranged Weapons are divided into ballistic and energy weapons, both of which use the player's energy pool to fuel its shots.

Balistic Ranged Weapons are further divided into various types such as:

Energy Ranged Weapons are divided into:

  • Plasma Pistols
  • Plasma Shotguns
  • Plasma Assault Rfiles
  • Machine Pistols

Each of these classes provides a range for various stats, including but not limited to: energy cost, clip size, reload time, fire rate, damage per shot, bullet spread. etc.

These stats are analyzed to provide the overall level for a weapon.

The first major Ranged weapon you will craft is the Hunting Bow, allowing you to kill Aliens and collect their loot. This is the way that a character can obtain Raw Alien Meat and cook it over a campfire for some food. Aliens will sometimes drop Raw Alien Meat when killed with a normal weapon, though it is less likely.

On top of all this, Ranged Weapons may have utilities such as laser sights and flashlight guns can be bought from several merchants across the universe.

Ranged weapons can be found in chests or bought from merchants

Melee WeaponsEdit

There are 420 craftable Melee Weapons in the game: one of each type (6), per race (7), per tier (10). Additional melee weapons can be received as drops or loot and are randomized similarly to Ranged Weapons.

The six different types of Melee Weapons are:

Each type has a different attack style. 2-Handed Swords and Hammers have a downward slice attack that can only be aimed left and right. All other melee weapons can be aimed in any direction. 1-Handed Swords and Daggers both have a horizontal slashing attack. Spears use a stabbing/thrusting attack, and Axes use a downward slice attack similar to 2-Handed Swords and Hammers, however it can be aimed in any direction.

Racial WeaponsEdit

Also there are Racial melee and ranged weapons such as:

Merchant Locations Edit

Weapons merchants are scattered all over the universe and sell both melee and ranged weapons

Additional InfoEdit


This weapon applies the poison status effect when attacking enemies. This is displayed by the skull on the tooltip.

Weapons can be obtained from Chests, Dungeons, monster drops, or Crafting. Although there are different levels of rarity for weapons, it is not known what constitutes "rare" and how often such items will be found. One example is a "crappyhammer" that can be found in a chest. This hammer is not very good, and is fairly common, especially on low level planets.

"Legendary" weapons often have unique effects and are genuinely better than other weapons found at the same planets. They have a small chance to spawn in some themed chests, like the eyeball chest found on planets with eyeball biomes, and can also drop from Mini-boss monsters.

Some weapons have a special ability icon. These weapons apply negative status effects like poison, Burning, or lightning on successful hits.


Weapon Mods significantly change the functions of a weapon, allowing for even further customization and even more unique weapons.

Examples of ranged weapon mods may be explosive shots, bouncing bullets, branching shots, and so on.


  • The first 30 people who buy the Solarium tier pre-order get to submit a sketch or idea of their weapon designs to the developers. The developers will work with them on a way to implement their weapon into the finished game.


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