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A bunch of vanity hats.

In the Inventory window, vanity item slots have an icon of an eyeball to the right of the regular armor. Pictured is an Avian with a Simple Cape in the back vanity slot.

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Vanity Items are armor pieces that have little use, as their bonuses are considerably weaker compared to regular armor. Therefore, they are mainly used for aesthetic purposes. They are found mostly in chests or dungeons, underground or outside.

Vanity Items can be equipped in the slots to the right of a character’s actual armor, while retaining all the bonuses that the regular armor offers. Note that if a Vanity Item has a bonus or special effect listed, it will not provide them while equipped in the vanity slot. While Vanity items don't really help with armor, they can be very valuble when sold, sometimes as much as 5,000 pixels.

Known Outfits

Picture Set Name Head Chest Legs Back
A Fancy Hat manikin.png N/A A Fancy Hat
A hood with ears small.png
N/A A Hood with ears
N/A AA Battery Pack
Agaran stinkhorn hat small.png
N/A Agaran Stinkhorn Hat
Agarian Puffball Hat.png
N/A Agaran Puffball Hat
20180112182533 1.jpg
Alien Alien Skull
All-Seeing All-Seeing Helmet All-Seeing Cape
Armored Trousers Mannequin - Higher Res.png Armored Mask Armour and Scarf Armoured Trousers
Avian Commoner Outfits Mannequin.gif Avian Commoner Avian Commoner Shirt Avian Commoner Skirt
Avian Fancy Avian Fancy Shirt Avian Fancy Skirt
Tutu Mannequin.png Ballerina Dance Top Tutu
Bandits hat small.png
Bandit Bandit's Hat
Bandits hood small.png
Bandit Bandit's Hood
N/A Bear Hat
Bedouin Mannequin.png Bedouin Bedouin Chestplate
Biolumin Mannequin.png Bioluminescent Bio Shirt Biolumin Pants
Cap Mannequin.png N/A Cap
Captains cap small.png
Captain Captain's Cap
Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 10.57.21 AM.png Cardboard Cardboard Hat Cardboard Box Armour
Combat Medic Combat Medic Helmet Combat Medic Chest Combat Medic Pants Medic Backpack
Cool Jacket Mannequin.png Cool Clothes Cool Jacket Cool Pants
Crown small.png
N/A Crown
Crystal backpack small.png
N/A Crystal Backpack
Dinosaur hat small.png
Dinosaur Dinosaur Hat
N/A Fairy Wings
Fancy Hat.png
N/A Fancy Hat
Floppy Fancy Hat Mannequin - Higher Res.png N/A Floppy Fancy Hat
Flowery Mannequin.png
Flowery Flowery Mask Flowery Shirt Flowery Pants

Flowery Vines

N/A Hard Hat
Hero's Cap manikin.png Hero Hero's Cap
Hiker Jacket Mannequin.png Hiker Hiker Jacket Hiker Trousers Hiker Backpack
Horse Horse Head
Hunter Hunter Jacket Hunter's Trousers Hunter's Knife
Monocle manikin.png N/A Monocle
Mushroom hat.png
N/A Mushroom Hat
N/A Parachute
Pilot's Jacket Mannequin.png Pilot Pilot Goggles Pilot's Jacket Pilot's Trousers Pilot's Backpack
Pirate Pirate Bandana Pirate Jacket Pirate Pants Rum Barrel
Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 5.43.38 PM.png Pixel Hero Pixel Hero Shirt Pixel Hero Pants Blue Hero Cape
N/A Plague Doctor Mask
N/A Plain Hood
Predator Armour.PNG
Predatory Predatory Head Predatory Chest Predatory Pants Predatory Back
Pre-Historic Mannequin.png Pre-Historic Pre-Historic Woolly Shirt Pre-Historic Woolly Pants Pre-Historic Fur Tail
Rainbow Rainbow Hood Rainbow Cape
Scientist Outfit Mannequin.png Scientist Scientist Glasses Scientist Coat Scientist Pants
Reed Hat Mannequin.png N/A Reed Hat
N/A Simple Crayon
Skeletal Wings Closeup.png
N/A Skeletal Wings
Skull Mask manikin.png Skeleton Skull Mask
Strap Strap Chest Strap Legs
Strawberry Mask.png
N/A Strawberry Mask
N/A Symbiote
N/A Terrifying Wings
Top Hat Mannequin.png N/A Top Hat
N/A Toxic Flower Backpack
N/A Turtle Shell
T.V. helmet manikin.png N/A T.V. Helmet
N/A Venetian Mask
Wedding A Wedding Veil Wedding Dress Wedding Dress (legs)
N/A Winter Scarf
Wizard Outfit Mannequin.png Wizard Wizard Hat Wizard Robe Top Wizard Robe Bottoms Magic Scroll
Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.44.12 AM.png Cultist Cultist Head Armor

Cultist Chestpiece

Cultist Leg Armor

Unobtainable Outfits

These Vanity Items are known to exist, but currently cannot be obtained through normal means in the game.

Picture Name Head Chest Legs Back
Untitled1.png Fullmetal Fullmetal Helmet Fullmetal Chest Fullmetal Pants Fullmetal Battery