As I was going though the Armor page a few weeks ago and I saw a thing.

The armor images for the Humans were a bit out of date, so I went in a updated it a bit.

As i was doing that, I noticed something.

We need to update the page to current gen images and such extremely badly right now. The page has been pretty much neglected for at least six months, and it shows.

Stuff that needs doing.

Let me just list it for the people who don't know. (This list excludes the Human section)

  1. There is nothing about the Novakids . Nothing. Zilch, Nada.
  2. As I can tell, the images for almost every race armor are outdated.
  3. The Values showing the stats of each set of armor are completely and utterly wrong.

Now, the majority of this is just quick and easy work, so there is pretty much no excuse for not updating this page. So, can everyone team up and at least help chip this task into smaller chunks and get this out of the way? Maybe an update to an armor part before bed, or just take picures of all of the armor your charecter has.

If the Community handles this together it won't be such a daunting task anymore, and everyone who helped can kick back and say "I did a thing" in the end.


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