25 June 2017

  • Scientists seem to be working for now. We successfully spawned one Twi'lek scientist tenant.
  • However, we discovered that there are issues associated with Neon villagers - we did spawn one that died upon interaction.
  • Electrician tenants are pending and need to be checked.
  • SWC merchants are all naked. Costume oversight, or a bug? have not tried to interact with them yet.
  • Chef merchants are however fully clothed and fully functional.
  • ISSUE While most Zabrak (?) Philantropist tenants were successfully spawned, one died and could not be revived. Still unsure as to what is going on.

Some thoughts: Perhaps we need more dialogue, but this shouldn't have been the case. Is there a means of exploting Felin or Avali for our ends? I do not know.