So I've recently gotten back into Starbound and looked back at my contributions to this wiki from a year ago. My biggest project was adding to and improving the Vanity Items section and its sub-pages.

I have to say, I don't think I did a very good job. Most of the pages I edited have the same redundant line of text reading "___ is an armor piece best used as a vanity item due to its low stat bonuses" when that information was already established on the master list of items. In addition, I just wrote off the "How to Obtain" sections with "randomly found in chests." For a game as expansive as Starbound, that is absolutely useless.

EDIT: It has come to my attention about the different seed generators used between the Mac and Windows versions of Starbound, therefore meaning there has to be 2 sets of tables for possible item locations. I will be editing the pages I've worked on to reflect that change, but I can only contribute coordinates on the Windows version.

In addition, I forgot that I need to post the COORDINATES as well as the planet's name, or else you won't easily be able to find the planet. Again, I will fix that on my pages.

What I want to change this time around (and would like community input on) includes:

  • Rewording my introductory paragraphs to say something more like, "[Item name] is a head/chest/leg/etc. Vanity Item, commonly found in chests." (and/or through merchants and Quests, where applicable) It's simple, but effective.
  • Sample Locations - replace the "How to Obtain" title with this and add a table listing specific planets (in alphabetical order) and locations to find the item. Below are some examples of what it'd look like:
Planet Obtained By Details
Delta Zerus 4053 V a Spring Chest On planet's surface
Delta Zerus 4053 V a Glitch Merchant In the Glitch Castle to the left of spawn
Delta Zerus 4053 V a Old Chest Underground in Flesh Biome

*Note these were just examples and does not reflect what you can find on the Planet listed above.

This way, there is more information given as well as better use for each Vanity Item having its own page.

  • And as usual, I will be gathering crisp images of items as I find them, having the full outfit on a mannequin sprite for the main Vanity Items page. I will look into making GIFs of items that are animated as soon as I find one.

So, what do you think? I want to make the Vanity Items part of this wiki much better than it currently is and as efficiently organized as possible. Any suggestions as to what can be added or changed to my ideas?

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