As requested by a couple key people, I will be going through the Vanity Item pages that I've edited and removing any Sample Location sections that do not contain any actual information. After it was pointed out to me, I agree that it looks rather tacky to have a template sitting around and doing nothing but spam a page's layout.

In addition, I've read some concerns on whether or not a Sample Location will actually work between different copies of the game (e.g. will the Flowery Vines appear on the surface of planet A and underground on planet B on your Starbound as well as mine? - assuming we're both using the same version, of course). I will confirm this by finding a website that lists coordinates to a few various items and testing if it really works. Until then, I will not be adding more Sample Locations unless we are absolutely sure they work.

I will be applying and testing these updates sometime later today, so you will see a huge flux of page edits at some point. Expect another blog entry from me about my findings. :)

On a final note, please don't be shy to talk to me directly about critiques or requests in regards to my contributions to this wiki! I want to help make this wiki as clean and informative as possible, and with some feedback, it'll help me make sure that what I'm adding or editing looks appealing to everyone.

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