I read a few comments from people who were unsure how Starbound's coordinate system works. After all, there is a different "universe" generated between Windows, Mac, and Linux users. I did some experimenting and research to confirm if there was anything else that affected Starbound's "random" seed generating.

Well, long story short... it's an absolute mess.

Based on mainly skimming through this Reddit and this Steam forum, coordinates in Starbound are also affected by (even if just SLIGHTLY):

  • Whether or not your Operating System is 32- or 64-bit (or what the .EXE is running on bit wise)
  • The version of Starbound (although that's a given)
  • Whether or not you freshly installed Starbound to your computer between version updates (e.g. from Koala to Giraffe or even Upbeat Giraffe to Spirited Giraffe)

From my personal experimenting, I would find an item as listed on a forum, but not in the exact same chest as they wrote down. One of the planets I checked even had the exact same name and coordinates, but an entirely different biome than what was listed.

As it currently stands, trying to provide sample coordinates to find things such as Vanity Items is way too precise and will only clutter up space on this wiki. Unless this coordinate system is better optimized in future versions of Starbound, there is no easy way to share locations with other players. I will be removing all Sample Location sections to the pages that still have them, since they are too unreliable.

Moving Forward

With all this in mind, make sure that if you've discovered a new item not listed in this wiki, take note of what biome/mini-biome you were standing in and what kind of chest/merchant/etc. you found it. It's unfortunately the only accurate "detailed" information we can currently provide.

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