'Tales of a Floran explorer: 'Ribbit the dog hoarder and floran stew

"Floran go to planetsss with Banjo!"

Hello everyone,

I am playing a Floran and exploring planets in hopes of getting all the food blueprints. Oftentimes, my pet Banjo (yes, that's his name) is travelling with me.

Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting planet: Beta Velocia 57 V b.

Beta velocita 57V

-72533404; -90681197

It is a small desert planet and I thought it quite boring at first, with barren landscape and very few chests. Eugh.

That was until I met Ribbit the hoarder. Ribbit is a hermit, a dog lover, a merchant, and a frog. Yes. All at once.

Just so you know, I tried to capture the dogs with capture pods but it doesn't work (yet?). I ended up killing and eating most of them. Welp. My bad. Floran ssssorry.

Lava pool

Let's go for a swim!

Having outlived my welcome, I left Ribbit to his canine family and wandered back to the desert. I passed a Floran resort complex/lava pool. The urge to canonball in it was strong but I managed not to melt myself to death.

I quickly found a human mining structure leading deep into the ground. So deep in fact, that I crossed into hell!


Bones and bloody flesh...

Bones and blood everywhere! Flesh ground! Not a single plant!

I was very uneasy ; it was the first time I ever saw that kind of biome. The good point (once you've overcome the voices telling you to run as far away as you can), is that it is very rich: lots of pixel containers, ores (diamonds!) and eye-chests.

You should go with lots of torches if you want to explore. I was confident I could do it with only my lamptorch and lantern stick but the caves are huge and there are large chimney-like holes between them.

Floran hope you like story. Floran never go back to scary hole. Flesh-ground not tasty.

That's all for today's story. I wanted to share that awesome planet with my fellow Starbounders.

If you liked it, tell me so in the comments and I'll make more.

You can also send me coordinates if you want (any threat level is fine with me) :D

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