I am Nahkriin, a floran-human awkward hybrid. I am also Tai, the human counterpart to my leafy alter-ego.

Anyways, I'm a Space Wanderer/Pirate and I need what any pirate would want: a crew.

I'm looking for a crew consisting of:

2 Florans, one female

1 Apex (any gender)

1 Avian (^)

1Glitch (^)

I don't really play online, but I think it'd be ppretty cool to assemble a crew. If you're interested, post to my talk page. I'd like a picture of your avatar(obviously to know what you look like) and a basic bio.

If you want my avatar and bio, It's my profile, so check that out.

So uh, I hope this blog post doesn't sink into the empty bowels of space...

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