A few of my ideas:

1.Add a new species called:"Meow" (basically like a cat with hightech technology)

2.Add the new spaceship for the Meow species.It should look like that yarn is spinned around it.

3.Add a new subtype called:"explosives"

4.Add a new explosive called:"Dynamite" (it's like a red stem with a rope on it).It can be thrown and explodes after 5 seconds or on direct impact on an enemy.It deals 65 damage on direct impact.If it's not a direct impact it doesn't deal damage.It does destroy blocks (10-10 diameter)and the blocks that are exploded don't drop.

5.Add a new explosive called:"Trigger".The Trigger triggers C4 (see below).

6.Add a new explosive called:"C4".You can click on a C4 with a Trigger and can set a time when it explodes,or you set it so,that it explodes after right-clicking with the Trigger.

Sorry,if i have a bad English,but i'll do my best!Thank you,for releasing a beatiful game!I love you developers (NO HOMO!)

-Lol you're ded

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