I can believe you guys spend your time on this I guess I would get it if you were just typing some of facts about Starbound but your just talking to each other why don’t you get an app for that or a job or better yet GET A DATE I mean seriously like what the hell are you guys even doing I just came on this to get a simple question answered but for the five seconds I was on this I just see people complain and cry about stupid things to each other, I mean your just spending your time on this being losers, just sitting at your computer I mean even I a kid can see how sad this is just bad do some thing with your life start a company or something just get of your ass and do so ya that’s all I need to say.

You know what I’m just going to act like you guy from now on to show you how bad this is (also it’s just funny)

Hey guys and galls what’s the haps, well you wouldn’t be askin me if you were on this to know so I will tell yous ok so first I was at science borr right and like like we have a test coming upy so I’m like uggsys right and right now I am at lunch with my homys eatten my macky And chchcheese And it was yummalisis with a side of good so that’s so far the haps and I will keep the ups till the end of the day kowiy bye.

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