Your friend on Starbound made you a birthday present, building a marvel of landscaping and architecture that is worth 10s of MBs of data in cyberspace. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to enjoy this wonderful gift on your own in single player, for you have to log into the same server for which you don't have access. Or maybe, Starbound just updated with a new ball-busting "patch" that destroys your original universe, leaving only the .world files untouched with no way to keep all your hard-earned work down the years. It all seems.....futile?

Or is it?

Actually it is not, and this guide is here to teach you how to back up or salvage your planet files on Starbound, or even share and enjoy them with others on cyberspace! if you are someone looking for a new experience, or looking for a failsafe way to reverse changes made to your Starbound creations, then this guide will be of use to you.

Where are the files representing my planets, and how do they interact with Starbound?

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