Nahkriin X

aka A fire, rekindled.

  • I live in Gaila, a land of mystery cloaked in entropy and ecstasy.
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is to protect any and everything from the reigning powers that be.
  • I am So ahead of myself, I got tomorrow's posts yesterday.

One of my favorite Starbound aliases; I usually use this one to represent me

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Nahkriin XEdit

A space Pirate that has two forms:  A red-leafed Floran (Nahkriin), which is transformed into in the presence of female Florans, and his Normal Human form (Tai). Tai lives to make that extra buck and hunt Boss Monsters; but despite his lifestyle, he would like to settle down with either a floran or Avian wife and have a son.

He uses a Human Machinegun that he used to start his infamous reputatuion(Which is what gave him the title MGK), and also wields a Energy knife. He uses a variety of swords. Tai, in a pinch, will resort to drastic measures,  once leveling a Glitch City on Alpha Tau in order to defeat a crew of Hylotls.

(That's a work-in-progress, I'm gonna put stuff up later.)


The Machinegun Killer Tai, the human counterpart of the Floran Nahkriin.

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