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I'm El Barto 227, a 17-yr-old gamer from Australia. I love sandbox building games, such as Minecraft and Terraria, open world do-what-you-want games such as the Sims , Terraria, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls series.

My favorite RaceEdit

Who doesn't love Florans? I think it's a very neat race, (although I always love plant-people) And their carnivourous behaviour is a great contrast to the usual nature-loving hippy people from other games and stories.

What I hope to do on this wikiEdit

I'm hoping to see this place grow into the biggest and most complete SB wiki there is, and to be there every step of the way!

I like helping others out, so feel free to pester me with questions. I'm also good with grammar and stuff, and cleaning up articles. Just put a post on my message wall if you need anything, and I'll see what I can do.

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