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For a list of all tools, see Category:Tools.

Tools are a type of item that are used to aid the player in various non-combat activities such as miningfarming, wiring or building. The starting tool one gets is the Matter Manipulator, which can break every type of block at a slow pace.

The earliest type of tools one can craft are the Stone Axe, Stone Hoe, and Stone Pickaxe. Following this are several other types of material that can progressively upgrade tools to increase their speed including copper, iron, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.

Pickaxes can eventually be replaced by drills , which follow the same tiers as picks(ie copper, silver, gold etc).

Tools can be repaired by going into the inventory, selecting an ore and dragging it over the tool you wish to repair and right clicking. The amount the tool will be repaired by is dependant on the ore used, however it is not recommended to waste rarer and more valuable ore.

Some tools, like the Stone Hoe and the Matter Manipulator, have no durability, and will never break.