A section of the Outpost

The Outpost is a special location that can only be accessed through a Gate.

The outpost contains various shops and NPCs that give quests to the player.


There are three shops in the outpost. One of them sits outside the main building, another on top of the main building, and the last one is inside.


The Terramart shop is inside the Outpost. You can buy food there.

Infinity Express

The Infinity Express shop is outside the Outpost. You can buy various things there.

Frogg Furnishing

You can buy furniture here as well as Colony Deeds which are needed in order for someone to move in to a livable space.

Penguin Bay

Penguin Bay is where you can buy new upgrades for your ship. In order to buy new upgrades, you will first need to complete all available quests at the time. Then you can purchase an upgrade from the penguin there. Upgrades need to be taken back to your ship, where you can take them to your S.A.I.L. and it will upgrade your ship for you. Once you've upgraded, there will be a whole new selection of quests.

Mazebound 64

There is a game called Mazebound 64 inside the Outpost. It is free to play.

To win the game, you need to find your way out of the maze. There are barred windows in the maze which you can look through. Sometimes you can see the outside world, that will be a hint as to which way to go.

There are no monsters or traps, so just keep wandering until you find the exit.

[Spoiler Warning] You need a winning ticket from this game to complete an NPC quest. [End Spoiler Warning]


  • You cannot destroy the tiles in the Outpost.
  • The NPCs in the Outpost, unlike spawned NPCS, cannot be harmed.
  • Mazebound 64 is a reference to cancelled Nintendo 64 game, EarthBound 64.
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