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19th May progress video

19th May progress video

A Floran ship traveling.

On planets or purchased from merchants. Anything that was on the ship originally cannot be destroyed, apart from the back wall. Ships can be upgraded at the Outpost after gaining a certain amount of crew members.


An example of a heavily customized ship.

Space Travel Edit

Space travel is an integral part of the game, as traveling to the other stars and planets is necessary for progression. In order to successfully travel to other planets and star systems, the player will have to add fuel to his or her ship.

Fuel Edit

Erchius is the only type of ship fuel. There are two forms of Erchius fuel, crystal and liquid. Crystal Erchius can be mined on moons which commonly orbit planets. Liquid Erchius can be bought at the Outpost and can also be found in canisters aboard both friendly and hostile ships.

The Fuel HUD on a Players spaceship.

A spaceship requires fuel to jump between star systems. To add fuel to a spaceship, simply open the Fuel HUD by activating the fuel center, and drag-and-drop the appropriate items to the Fuel HUD. Pressing the "FUEL" button will complete the process. Once a material has been added to the ship's fuel tank, it cannot be removed.

Navigation Edit

The navigation menu is the main form of travel within a ship. It can be accessed by interacting with the chair in the cockpit.

The closest level of zoom within the Navigation menu is focused on planets and moons within a system. This view gives information on selected objects, including their threat level, an analysis of the surface, weather conditions, and other facts about the planet or moon.

The mid-range level of zoom is that of the system, showing the sun and any celestial objects orbiting it.

The furthest level is the galaxy view, where stars can be selected and viewed.

Teleportation Pad Edit

To get from the ship to a planet surface, use the teleportation pad, by hovering the cursor over it and pressing 'E'. Alternatively, there is a button at the right side of the screen resembling a circle with a down arrow. Once on the planet, a similar button must be used to return to the ship. The arrow on this one is pointing upward.

From the Teleportation Pad, one can teleport to the planet they are currently over, or other teleporters or markers created by the character on planets they have visited.

Shiplocker Edit

Ship Locker

Example of the Shiplocker.

The shiplocker is the storage unit that can be found within a spaceship. It is the first storage container the player will interact with to obtain their starting equipment. It has 64 slots and is instrumental in the first quest of the game.

Starting EquipmentEdit

The first time a player opens the shiplocker with a new character, it will contain some basic equipment. It will have a Flashlight, some torches, and 4 cans of food.

Types of ShipsEdit

Each starter ship is basically a rectangle with a decorated exterior and a cockpit. Starter ships of each race, except Novakids, are shown below.


The pre-beta Avian's spaceships closely resembles an Avian with the nose of the spaceship shaped like a beak. In the beta release, however, it has gained more of an ancient Sumerian feel, being shaped like a ziggurat.

Apex Edit

The Pre-Beta Apex's spaceships is fairly standard except for a banana sticker on the motor.

A later-model Apex spaceship features a white high-tech style characteristic of the Apex.


The Floran's spaceships has vines growing inside and outside of the ship.

On May 6th, a newsletter revealed that the Floran Spaceship will get a facelift in a future update. It will retain its basic shape and vine cover while the ship's metal will become darker and more corroded, giving the ship a more "primitive" or "rustic" feel. In addition, a large turret gun at the top can also be seen which resembles the turret from the glitch ship. It is not currently known if this (and the turrets on other ships) will gain some sort of practical use or if they will remain purely decorative. In addition, this new Floran design was used to demonstrate the new "ship customisation" feature, something that has thusfar remained lacking in the vanilla game but mods have taken advantage of (see below section).


The Glitch's spaceships is in the style of a medieval castle, the Glitch have a medieval europe culture and explains the layout of the ship.


The Human's spaceships is a very different ship from almost all other races (barring the Apex ship). Unlike all other race ships, instead of being fashioned in ways culturally, it instead is more of a battleship type of starship, with two thrusters (unlike all other races one thruster) and two forward-facing heavy blaster cannons. Its current design is most likely based on the Hammerhead-class cruiser from the Star Wars franchise.


Pre-Beta, the Hylotl's spaceships had a fin on the top and two on the bottom, and is meant to resemble a fish. In the Beta release, the ship was reworked to have one long fin across the top, as well as a resemblance of a tail around the thrusters; its orange color now makes the ship resemble a koi fish or a goldfish.

On May 6th, a news update revealed that the Hylotl ship will get yet another facelift in preparation for a major ship and combat based update. While this new retains its long fin along the top, the others have been removed, making it look much sleeker. It also trades its gold-orange koi fish or goldfish color for a marine blueish one. This makes the ship more resemble a shark or other predator fish.

In the Earlier ship design there were several unique items onboard. Five Traditional Paper Lanterns hang from the ceiling. The background walls are made up of Shoji Screen Panels, Ornate Wood, and Ornate Flooring. However the later ship design has donned the generic walls and lights of the other 6 race's ships


The Novakid's spaceships resemble a steam engine. It has the cockpit just below the front of the boiler and three smaller thrusters where the wheels would go.

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