Planet LocationEdit

Every planet has unique Coordinates in the navigation console. The procedural generation engine using a pseudorandom number generator with a static, common seed so the coordinates can be shared among others.

Planet Threat LevelEdit

Planet EnvironmentEdit

To see a list of planetary biomes, visit the Biomes page.

Each planet has an environment made up of a number of elements. The background, terrain type, plant type, weather, and temperature are called the biome of the planet. While biomes on different planets of the same type will have certain features in common, they will be unique in their combination of smaller elements through procedural generation.

Planets will have different ambient light depending the type of star they orbit and how close they are to said star. For example, if a planet is orbiting very close to a Red star, the planet will have a deep red ambient light.

Some planets require special equipment or tech to navigate, such as planets with lack of atmosphere or a radioactive surface.

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