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The Mushroom Biome is a mini-biome where trees are replaced with Giant Mushroom Trees. These drop mushrooms intead of Unrefined Wood , but do drop saplings Here you can find Shroom Chests with Blueprints like Shroom Chair


The mushroom biome can be found on the surface of forest planets . They have a chance of containing an Agaran village. Their houses are made of Wood Planks with rooves made of Mushroom Blocks. There are also mushroom monsters that will spawn on the surface. These creatures are nuetral and will attack if they are provoked. They can also be contained by a Capture Pod and used as a pet. These do not have a [known] adult varient. You can also find mushroom plants. These light up as you put your cursor over them, much like other farmable plants


The Mushroom Biome has its own underground version too. Inside of these you can find large deposits of mushroom blocks. You will also find grass growing on most surfaces and, if the cave is big enough, mushroom trees. Due to being underground, these trees are commonly found inside of water. You can also find mushroom plants, much like on the surface. The monster generation is unaffected by the biome, and will spawn random monster combos intead of mushroom monsters.