Medals are awarded to users on forum to put under their profile, each medal is unlocked by doing certain tasks on the forum.


Starbound Developer

Developin' all the Starbounds.

Starbound Developer - Programmer

Codin' all the Starbounds

Starbound Developer - Artist

Drawin' all the Starbounds.

Risk of Rain Developer

Developer of the game Risk of Rain!


Administrating all the forums! Or just this one, possibly.


Moderating all the things!

IRC Operator

Keeping our IRC channel awesome!

Starbound Contributor

Contributes to the development of Starbound!

Treasure Adventure World Developer

Developing Treasure Adventure World is cool and these people should feel cool.

Stardew Valley Developer

A badge for developing Stardew Valley! Yay!

Wanderlust: Rebirth Developer

For developing Wanderlust: Rebirth!

Pre-Order Rewards

Badge avian
Donor Badge - Tweet

Badge forum1
Donor Badge - Penguin

Badge forum2
Donor Badge - Heart

Badge forum3
Donor Badge - Lightning

Badge forum4
Donor Badge - Shield

Badge forum5
Donor Badge - Sword

Badge forum6
Donor Badge - Star

Contest Winners

Christmahannakwanzaakuh Doodler

Won the Art section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

Christmahannakwanzaakuh Songwriter

Won the Song Parody section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

Christmahannakwanzaakuh Poet

Won the Poetry section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

Christmahannakwanzaakuh Author

Won the Story section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

Christmahannakwanzaakuh Pixel-er

Won the Pixel Art section of the Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest Extravaganza!

Holiday Spirit

Awarded for submitting an outstanding Christmahannakwanzaakuh Contest entry that...didn't fit into any of the other categories.

Golden Hatter

Won first place in the Create-A-Hat competiton!

Golden Monster Maker

Won first place in the Monster contest!

Silver Monster Maker

Won second place in the monster contest!

Silver Hatter

Won second place in the Create-A-Hat competition!

Bronze Monster Maker

A runner-up in the Monster contest!

Bronze Hatter

A runner-up in the Create-A-Hat competition!

Achievements in Awesome

Meet the Novakids

Awarded for conceptualizing and designing Starbound's seventh race, the Novakids.

Honey Badger

A salute to those who have contributed in some way to the creation of the badges, or the badge system.

Heart of Gold

All that is gold does not glitter… but they do deserve a casket for their kindness. For the folks that do giveaways!

Emoticon Master

Variations on the traditional smiley face have given rise to this prestiged medal; thanks to those who have contributed emoticons to the community, and had them used.

Change of Scenery

This person made a guest wallpaper that was featured on the front page. That certainly deserves a shiny. :)

Magnificent Modder

The wizards of binary digits deserve recognition great! For those who have contributed greatly to the modding community in some way -- they shall have their cake.

Time to Make the Wallpapers!

Awarded to Ms. Fetalstar for drawing amazing Starbound concept art and wallpapers.

Amazing Post

And I say: HEYYYEYYYEYYYYEEE HEEEEYEEEEYEEEE, I said HEY, that's a pretty amazing post.

Random Act of Kindness

For doing good acts, the Rubber Ducky of Appreciation shines its playful appreciation upon those who would increase the Order and Harmony of the universe.

Helpin' Everybody

Like ancient sages of yore, these folks provide a light in the darkness, guiding the lost, and ultimately providing insight and clarity.

Vector Squared

Awarded for being a contributor to the community-run weekly newspaper, Vector Squared!

The Starbound Chronicle

Awarded for contributing to Starbound's monthly newsletter, The Starbound Chronicle!

Altruistic Artist

Awarded to those who have lent their artistic talents to other community members for free, either through holding contests or taking art requests. Thanks for being awesome!

Welcome to Goodburger

Like a masked vigilante, swooping down upon the masses with handshakes and appropriate reaction gifs, you welcome loads of new people to the forums! You're great.

Constructive Critic

Providing helpful feedback, polishing another's story, and uplifting them all at the same time. All in a day's work, as one would say.

Over 9000!!

Had the 9001st post!