Each race (and possibly pre-made creatures) will have its own unique Lore. As of now, the most that is known about almost all of the races is a few details or an incomplete back story.

Once a codex has been collected and learned it's permanently available in that character's Codex Library, which can be opened by clicking the side menu icon or using the hotkey [V]

The ApexEdit

They were a race of humanoid creatures that resembled humans. they sacrificed physical evolution for mental evolution. They became smarter, but they became ape-like creatures. They are ruled by an organisation known as the Miniknog, operated by a dictator known as Big Ape.

The AviansEdit

They are a humanoid bird race, known for their devotion to the god Kluex. Their culture and art have a strong Egyptian influence.

The FloransEdit

A primitive race of plant people. In the past, they killed many Hylotl and ate them. They have a tribal culture.

The GlitchEdit

Robots whose developmental process was halted by a glitch in their programming, resulting in them being forever stuck in their literal medieval culture. They are restricted and tied to something referred to as "the hivemind," which almost all Glitch follow without question. This hivemind appears to be the motivator behind their daily lives and their ties to their community; but there are those that break free from the hivemind and begin to question their very existences.

These individuals, known as "self-aware Glitch," seek more than the monotony of their day-to-day lives and want to follow a greater path than the ones found on their home planet. These Glitch often take to the stars and make lives of their own in various professions. Although, if these Glitch let others in their community know of their "defect," it can prove to be a grave mistake. Glitch "reprogramming" exists, which allows the self-aware Glitch to be returned to the hivemind, for better or for worse...

While most Glitch are reminiscent of knights, peasants, and kings or queens, there are two interesting diminutives of the Glitch that not much is known about; namely, the plague doctors and the Rainbow Rogues. Plague doctors are few and far between, not populating Glitch villages and with little data on them. Rainbow Rogues, however, seem to promise safety to the good-aligned part of the universe and thrive in much more colorful environments than their medieval counterparts.

The HumansEdit

Humans are the mostly peaceful race that formed the Protectorate. Unfortunately, this didn’t last forever, as The Ruin destroyed the Earth. Humans survived, but Earth is forever gone.

The HylotlEdit

A race of amphibious people who ironically lack great swimming abilities, despite their evident relations to the axolotl. Their culture and tradition is similar to that of feudal Japan, although it is also evident that modern Japanese culture is referenced in some of their builds. In the past, they were chased away from their home planet by the savage and aggressive Floran. The Hylotl are a peace-loving, kind-hearted race who truly care for the universe, although sometimes they can come off as overbearing, preachy, and egotistical, believing them to be superior among other races.

The NovakidsEdit

Star people that have short memories. Since they tend to care little for history, not much is known about these creatures, including how long they have had their Wild West culture. Most theorize them to be borne from a dying star; however their origin could be much grander than that.

The PenguinsEdit

Sentient, regular-sized penguins who have a culture of space-pirating. They seem to have populations all over the entire universe, including some military-based ones. Most seem to be aggressive, but there are individuals who are willing to help for a price.

The AgaransEdit

Not much is known about them apart from the fact they are mushroom people. Many theories about their origin exist, the popular ones are the ones such as they are mutated Florans, a fungus that had infected Florans, or a failed Apex experiment. They don’t seem to like water, as Agaran settlements have a fountain named “Torture Device”. This also hints that they are more sinister than they seem.

They are among the unplayable races.

The Fenerox Edit

They are a non-playable race of Fennec fox-based people that have many similar traditions and cultures to African Bushpeople.

The Alpaca Edit

They are as the name suggest. Sentient alpacas. They are not a playable race and they have a culture similar to the vikings. They don’t have a lot of lore surrounding them at the moment and this is all there is right now.

The Frögg Edit

Frog people that most commonly inhabit swamps. They refuse to speak to those that pass by, only maintaining silence. Most individuals seem to be merchants, whether it be the one found in Frögg Furnishing or those found by chance in the swamps.

The Shadows Edit

A race of human-esque silhouettes who keep to themselves. As their name suggests, they prefer to keep to darker places and planets. Like the Frögg, they will not speak to passerby and may only speak to each other. They surround themselves with shadowy shrines and constructs of a similar nature, the purposes of which are unknown.

The Ancient Edit

These are a presumably extinct race in starbound. Not much is known except that they are the creators of the Ark, and the challenge rooms.

The Deadbeat Edit

They are non-playable and are found on tier 6 planets. They are basically post-apocalypse scavengers and raiders. What they were before their society collapse is unknown, except that they were technologically advanced. Most of them are hostile, but some aren't. They do not have any lore.

The Ruin Edit

A Planet sized tentacle monster that was banished by The Cultivator. It awoke by the time Starbound's story started, and destroyed the Earth.

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