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Liquid Erchius Fuel
Liquiderchius infobox.png
Type Liquid
Sub-Type Fuel
Rarity Common
Tooltip A dangerous and volatile isotope commonly used as starship fuel.
Purchase From The Outpost
Purchase Value 1 Pixels.png
Sell Value 0 Pixels.png
This item cannot be crafted.

A dangerous and volatile substance, syphoned from moons and used as FTL fuel.
— Starbound Description

Liquid Erchius Fuel is a naturally-occurring liquid that can be found underneath the surface of moons. It is a very basic fuel source, giving 1 fuel per unit of liquid, and is the first fuel a player will acquire in order to leave their first system.

To pick up the Erchius Fuel, one must first upgrade their Matter Manipulator to enable the pickup of liquids. Then it can be picked up when clicked on, like any other block.

Liquid Erchius Fuel can also be purchased at the merchant near the Outpost; 1 Fuel for 5 Pixels.png .