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Lantern Stick
Lantern Stick.png
Type Armor
Sub-Type Vanity Item
Equip Slot Back Slot
Rarity Common
Tooltip A lantern on a stick. It's bright. Wear it on your back!
Sell Value No Value
Crafted With 10x Oil
10x Unrefined Wood
15x Iron Bar
Crafted At Iron Crafting Table

The Lantern Stick is an equipable item that's worn on the back armor slot, it provides a fair amount of light, useful for spelunking.

As of the Unstable/Nightly you now need to find Oil to unlock the recipe to craft a Lantern Stick. You need 10 Unrefined Wood, 10 Oil and 15 Iron Bars to craft one at the Iron Crafting Table.

It is also an ingredient used in crafting the Halogen Pack.

When worn on the back vanity slot, it does not emit light.