Kluex is the winged god of the Aether. He was chosen to be the leader of the sample group of Avians who were genetically enhanced and given alien technology.




Kluex was chosen as the leader of the group by the Avians because of his high intelligence and physical prowess. He led his band of Avians to build the beginnings of a mighty civilization; they and their children built many temples for the express purpose of worshiping the alien culture that caused them to Ascend.

After fifty years as the supreme leader of the civilization, Kluex retired and gave his seat to Greenfinger, instead styling all humans as an arbiter of justice. As an Avian still in his prime, he cut an imposing figure as he meted justice upon those who broke his strict laws. He was loved, feared, and revered all at the same time, and even before his "death", cults began to form around him, worshiping the very ground he walked upon.

Thirty-five years into the second ruler's reign, he disappeared, and after a brief mourning period, his life's achievements were celebrated in hundreds of ceremonies across Avos. Some say that he was chosen by the gods to ascend to the Aether and judge the souls entering the afterlife; others dismiss this, and believe that he was secretly murdered by political rivals.

Decades after Kluex's death, when there was no living memory of him left, Kluex was elevated to the status of deity. Most Avians, aside from the grounded, perform observance ceremonies to Kluex daily, and his temples that were built by his earlier followers slowly became heavily-guarded places of worship.


  • Whenever the Avians visit a new habitable planet, they tend to place shrines to Kluex, as a sort of interstellar cairn.
  • Kluex's life lasted 150% of the average Avian's life-span, 125 years.
  • Kluex is in fact the name the Avians used for the Incubator, the ancient entity that sealed the Ruin.

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