The Hylotl
A female Hylotl by Bietol
Culture East Asian
Species Aquatic-People

A selection of male and female Hylotl


Hylotl Male by Ironbeak

The Hylotl are a playable race in Starbound.

General Information Edit

Not much is known about the Hylotl. They appear to have "fins", as shown by the character creation screen. They slightly resemble the Mexican Axolotl; the inspiration seeming more apparent in the suffix of the name (see trivia). It is also demonstrated that the Hylotl are inspired by East Asian culture. Their starter clothing options include a Kimono which could be a reference to Japanese culture as well. 

Background Edit

Through reading the codex logs, it can be found that the Hylotl are a peaceful and empathetic race. They concern themselves with beauty, perfection, and culture, and have a strong urge to share this with other organisms. They are pacifists and herbivores.

Unfortunately, despite their noble ideals, the Hylotl's kind nature has regularly put them on the receiving end of another race's weapons. Just prior to the game's events, the Hylotl were evicted from their planet by the Floran; this is the event that leads to the player's flight on his/her spaceship that leads to the start of the game. It is also revealed in the codexes that the Avian regularly use Hylotl as food for their evil dictators.  When a Hylotl player encounters Floran, they may mention their fondness for eating Hylotl flesh.

Trivia Edit

  • During a poll, Tiy asked the community if they would prefer a robotic race or an aquatic race. With an overwhelming response and the final tally being too close to call, the developers decided to put both races into the game.
  • It had been stated that Hylotl villages would be under the ocean.
  • Hylotl racial armors used to allow them to stay underwater longer than other races.
  • It is possible that the name of the Hylotl people is a reference to Axolotls, a species of salamander found in Mexico which doesn't metamorphose into a land-dwelling amphibian, instead remaining aquatic into adulthood.
  • Previously, the Hylotl race was the only one thusfar that does not start the player character off as either an outcast or a refugee (Apex PCs are resistance members running away from the Miniknog, Human PCs are fleeing their home-planet in wake of the Tentacle meteor, Floran PCs are outcasts for seeking a more honorable hunt, Avian PCs are fleeing religious persecution, and Glitch PCs are likewise fleeing persecution as heretics for becoming self aware. In contrast, Hylotl PCs are depicted as missionaries sent to deliver their race's peace and prosperity to other worlds and races.)

Intro Sequence Edit

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Eons ago, the Hylotl were driven beneath the ocean by the savage Floran.
Using the technology to survive, over millennia the Hylotl adapted to their environment.
And flourished.
Though they live in peace, some grow restless.

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