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Reason: A lot has changed since this was initially implemented

For more information and a list of food items, visit the Food page.

An example of the hunger bar. This player needs to eat soon.

Hunger is a game mechanic in Starbound where the player has to eat food in order to survive. Some foods are edible immediately, others are made edible by cooking them. When the food meter reaches 0, the player will begin to lose health (7 HP per sec) and eventually die from starvation. When you are on really low hunger, it will make beeping sounds, warning you to eat something.

The hunger bar will pop-up periodically when the player gets hungry. However, the player may also press "Alt" to display the hunger bar.


  • The food meter does not lower while sleeping or sitting on a chair or couch.
  • As of the Current Unstable Build, the Hunger System has been removed.