The Humans
A representation of a Human by Bietol
Culture Modern/Futuristic
Species Human

A selection of male and female humans

The Humans are a playable race in Starbound.

General InformationEdit

Very little information has been given about the human race. Though a few wallpapers have been released that feature humans, more information was recently discovered from the open beta about the humans. All info here should be regarded as a Work in Progress.

Humans are a technologically advanced and intelligent species, rapidly advancing technologically and socially. They were the first species to research and engage in space travel for science and entertainment. Humanity began to explore the stars, however a certain currently-unspecified "limitation" constrained their colonization efforts to their own solar system. 

With resources rapidly depleting on Earth, humanity turned to war as the major Earth Superpowers fought over the limited resources in the solar system. During a lengthy conflict over the planet Mars an unknown and huge tentacle-like entity attacked and lay waste to earth, destroying the single unified nations of Earth and casting the few survivors into the galaxy.

The player is one of the few survivors of the Earth massacre, your crewmates having recently being slaughtered by a smaller tentacle entity you brought onboard.

(It should be noted that the WIP human intro video portrays humanity as a single unified and peaceful empire instead of a more modern day representation of separate nation-states)

Trivia Edit

  • It has been speculated that human armor grants the wearer more inventory space, however this has not been confirmed.
  • Lore-wise, Humans are the 2nd most technologically advanced species behind the Apex and were the first species to conduct space travel.
  • In the human intro sequence, Earth is attacked by a series of tentacles coming from the ground. These tentacles could be how Tentacle Biomes are created. This could also be a reference to the Tentacle Comet, though this one would be the size of a planet.

Intro Sequence Edit

(This video may or may not be changed.)


W.I.P Human Intro Sequence

Earth, the jewel of the human empire.
A place of enlightenment and peace.
But something grew in the darkness
Something Powerful
Something Terrifying
Scattering humanity throughout the universe like dust in the wind.

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