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This page/section is about content that was removed from the game in Upbeat Giraffe.

The Giant Jelly Boss. Notice the additional smaller jelly above the player.

The Giant Jelly (Brian) is the fourth boss of Starbound. It is a large, purple, jellyfish-like monster with multiple eyes. He is summoned using the Peanutbutter Trap which is crafted in the monster station


Below are some strategies to defeating the Giant Jelly.

Strategy 1:

An example of an arena created specifically for fighting the Giant Jelly boss.

First, build an arena about 100 blocks long, with several domes about player height above the arena floor. The Giant Jelly is very large, and cannot even dream of fitting through a Player-sized door. The player can then shoot or stab the Jelly at his/her leisure as the Jelly attacks in vain. Weapons that inflict damaging status effects, such as fire and poison, are very helpful against this boss.

Strategy 2:

It is possible to dispatch the Giant Jelly easily by fighting him on a steep incline. Use the peanut butter trap at the top of the incline, and immediately work your way down. The Jelly will follow you, but his minions will not. From anywhere on the cliff, you can shoot straight up to damage the jelly. Because you are directly underneath him, he will continually try to use body slam, but will just run into the mountain. A video detailing this tactic can be found below:


The Giant Jelly (Starbound Boss)

Strategy 3:

Get some 10-20 Defense Turrets, place them on a straight platform, make sure the entrances to below that platform are large enough for you, but not larger. Activate all turrets, engage the trap above the platform, then run under it and watch as the guns take care of the Jelly.


The jelly has three moves that can be considered attacks.

The most common such attack involves the Jelly jumping up and then trying to land on top of the player, similar to monsters using the "Body Slam" move.

The Jelly can also shoot explosive jelly from his sides in all directions. Avoid the jelly, similar to the "Explosive Phlegm" move used by monsters, as it will explode in a few seconds and damage anyone near the jelly.

Finally, the Jelly starts the fight with two additional smaller Jellies. While not the focus of the fight, it is best to kill these smaller jellies first, as they can fit through gaps that the larger jelly can't. These smaller Jellies will try to body slam the player, and may also shoot bubbles from their eyeballs.


The Giant Jelly drops the Endomorphic Jelly , which is used to craft the Durasteel Upgrade. This upgrade allows the player to travel to the fifth and currently final sector, Sector X . It also allows the player to craft additional weapons, armors and furniture at the crafting stations.


  • If a character has a pet from a high level planet (Above level 5), it is best to level up the pet by battling this boss, as the Giant Jelly's minions can help the pet level up quickly.


  • The Peanut butter Trap may be a reference to the popular YouTube comedy song "Jellyfish," by Julian Smith, and it also might be a refrence to the song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", by Buckwheat Boyz.
  • The name "Brian" may be a pun on the word "brain", as the boss vaguely resembles a brain.