Starting off in Starbound can seem overwhelming at the start but after you get your feet you will soon be exploring the Universe!

Character CreationEdit

This is where you create your avatar. You will be able to choose from seven different races:

Apex (Apes)

Avian (Birds)

Starbound-My6characters zps8fbd1576-1

The Races of Starbound (Beta)

Human (Human)

Floran (Plants)

Glitch (Robots)

Hylotl (Fish)

Novakid (Star-being)

After you have chosen your race, you can change your hair and clothing as well as your skin and personality (the way you appear when standing).

The name you choose is the name which appears in-game and also when you are on the Menu screen. After this you can finally go into the Starbound Universe!


[All controls are rebindable through the controls menu.]

Jump Space
Move Right D
Move Left A
Crouch S
Open Inventory I
Crafting Menu C
Interact With Items E
To See Intractable Items Alt

To look around hold Control and move the mouse.  Tap Control to reset the view back on your character

To dual-wield put a one handed item in the left or right click slot on the hot bar, then select a one handed item on your hot bar then if you click (with the left or right click, which ever you put it on your hot bar) you should be using both items. Pressing X lets you quickly equip these items.

To open your inventory press I

To open your crafting menu press C

To interact with items or crafting tools press E

First Day in Starbound Edit

For the first 5 minutes of the game, it would be advisable to follow the starter quests. The quests will tell you to repair the ship thrusters and patch up the hull of the ship. You will need to open S.A.I.L. (right side of the ship) You can do this by clicking E while hovering over the S.A.I.L. When you open it, you will see a text coming out saying a lot of errors, you need to fix that by clicking 'Reboot ship AI command then clicking 'ISSUE COMMAND'. You need to enable Matter Manipulator by the same way, else you'll be unable to do anything on the planet. You need to do one more thing before you will be able to beam down to current planet, enabling the teleporter. when you do it, a new quest called 'Tutorial I: A Flash of light'. You need to take the flashlight in your ship locker, go to the left side of your ship and press E while hovering over the ship locker (a lock icon on it). When you take the flashlight (by clicking on it) you will complete tutorial I and a new will come out called 'Tutorial II: Shop Class' says you need to make a crafting table, you need to beam down to the planet and cut some trees using the Matter Manipulator. The hotkey for the Manipulator is R. Then open the basic crafting menu with C, click wood planks and craft 35 of them. Then craft a crafting table. A new quest will show up called "Tutorial III: Prepare Yourself". You need to chop down vines (can found in caves) and craft bandage with plant fibres (you get this from vines). You will get another quest called "Tutorial IV: Food Fight". The food bar was removed as of the latest two, maybe three updates, but instead, you can get buffs from it. After crafting a hunting bow with the appropriate materials, you will need to shoot some aliens. You'll have a chance of up to 70% while using the bow, or 30% when you aren't using the bow. When you get some alien meat, don't forget to craft a camp fire, using up a torch and five unrefined wood. Place it down and put the alien meat on left. It should take up to a minute ingame to cook. After you take the cooked alien meat, a new quest should show up called "Tutorial V: Out of the frying pan...". This time you need to craft a stone furnace with the crafting table (35 cobblestone and a camp fire). You should now be able to smelt ores! Another new quest named "Tutorial VI: Tools for the job" show up. You need to have 2 or more ores of copper and smelt the copper using the stone furnace. 

Tip: If you repaired your spaceship cockpit you will be able to set the current planet as 'home'.  And don't worry about accidentally traveling to another planet - you start the game with your fuel tank at Empty.

You will have arrived at your planet.

Take a moment to observe your surroundings: have a look for trees, harvestable plants, and maybe even some ores near the surface

Tip: There is a small chance you will spawn in a biome (like a Volcano) which doesn't have any trees or vegetation, try traveling left or right to find some trees. But remember, when you beam down from your ship next time you will land in your original position.

Keep your sword equipped when looking around in case you encounter hostile Aliens because Starbound's random Alien generation makes it is hard to identify what is hostile and what's passive. Remember that you lose valuable pixels upon death, which are a currency used to craft better items later in the game. Start by cutting down trees with your Matter Manipulator. This is a slow process until you craft better mining and chopping tools.

Tip: Trees are a renewable source, so take a moment to plant the recovered seedlings as by the time you need more wood it should have fully grown again.

The next thing you should get is some cobblestone. It is grey with a rocky texture and can be seen on the surface with ores like Coal and Copper in it. Again your Matter Manipulator is your tool of choice at first. If you cannot find any Cobblestone, mine into the ground or even into a steep hill to find some.

It will be getting dark soon, which is indicated by a change of colour of the background or it might be raining. If the rain is of green color and your character takes damage, building a hideout is top priority since you are under acid rain. To survive the night you should build a small dirt house or even dig into a cliff face where you will be able to stay for the night. To not freeze to your death, depending on biome temperature, you should stand close to Torches and Camp Fires. The change of your character's body temperature is visualized by a heat meter which appears at the bottom center of your screen and resembles a thermometer.  Some planets have acid rain, so if you're not indoors or underground the rain will damage you. If you do not wish to stay the night on the planet's surface, you can press the up arrow on the right side to warp back to your ship.

Basic Crafting Edit

Once you have a safe shelter,  you can begin crafting. First, you need to change your Unrefined Wood into Wood Planks. This is done by hitting C (or the wrench icon to the far right of the screen) and clicking Wood Planks. You need 35 Planks to make a Wooden Crafting Table, when you have enough Planks the bar with the Crafting Table will light up; this indicates you have enough resources to make one.

Once you have made a Crafting Table you can then create more crafting stations such as a furnace, anvil and many other useful stations (Please note that you can upgrade most stations). Hover the mouse over the Crafting Table and press E to open it. Note that this is different than basic crafting.  Some build their Crafting Table and leave it planet-bound, some prefer to place theirs in the shuttle.

Tools should be your next priority. After you have created a foraging table open the tool menu (The shovel symbol).

At this early stage (ie. not a lot of smelted metals yet) the Yarn Spinner is worth the time to craft as it can make some basic cloth armors from the easily acquired plant fibre as well as crafting the Snow Infantry armor from the Leather you will accumulate through hunting.  Plant Fibre should also be harvested at every opportunity as it is the source for Bandages, and a Wooden Bed is worth the effort to craft: to sleep (and recover health) hover the mouse over the bed and press 'E'.

Basic Smelting and Metal Bars Edit

With 25 cobblestone and 1 campfire you can craft a Stone Furnace from the Crafting Table. 

Your early ore finds are most likely Iron Ore and Copper Ore.  You need 2 pieces of ore to make a metal bar through smelting in the Furnace. Press 'E' while hovering over the furnace to open the smelt-crafting screen and click the bar you want to make then craft it.

Note: You do not need coal to fuel your furnace [as of this current version release], and you can create coal by smelting wood.

You can discover small quantities of ores to mine running along the surface; following the caves down (you made lots of torches, right?) can lead to the discovery of larger veins and quatities of ores.

Once your stock of iron bars reaches 8 then craft an Iron Anvil at your earliest opportunity as this opens up the first tier of weapons, armours, and tool upgrades.

Tip: the Iron Axe is a weapon not a tool, i.e. not an upgrade to the Stone Axe.

With copper bars you can craft a Wooden Cooking Table; this will allow the creating of more 'powerful' foodstuff recipies to regenerate health and other helpful buffs. Every race has different cooking recipes in the start, more can be unlocked by finding blueprints.

Quests Edit

Quests are an in-game tutorial of sorts for start. They teach the player basic survival techniques and crafting recipes and reward you for building certain items with Pixels, Starbound's in-game currency. A walkthrough for all of the quests can be found here, but you can take other quest by interacting with NPC's.

Tips Edit

  • Not all creatures on your planet are hostile, but be wary until you are sure they are friendly.
  • Bandages can be crafted from Plant Fibre, and they make a good way to heal your character if a bed is not an option.
  • A good target goal for a beginner are Core Fragments. You will have to mine downwards and near to the core of the planet. A good indication of where the Core Fragments might be is when you can see lava.
  • Crafting Table, Anvil, Stone Furnace can be placed in the spaceship and is convenient whence you begin planet hopping.
  • Along with your Shiplocker, a crafted or acquired piece of storage furniture is useful to have in your spaceship.
  • To easily earn Coal, you can smelt 10 Unrefined Wood in a Stone Furnace.
  • It is a good idea to start a Farm as soon as possible. The buffs food can give may come in useful, and range from speedboosts/hotfeet, jump boosts and healing, and if you dont have a farm and you get attack by alien's and your at low health the next attack may kill you.
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