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The Florans
A representation of a Floran by Fetalstar
Culture Tribal
Species Plant-People


A selection of Floran.

The Florans are a playable race in Starbound.

General Information

One would expect a race of sentient humanoid plants to be peaceful, nature-loving environmentalists – that presumption is what allows this hyper-aggressive tribal civilization to thrive. Unwitting explorers are prey of choice to the carnivorous Florans, who frequently salvage or reverse engineer the technology they bring to enable their colonization of the stars.

Introducing space travel to the primitive Florans had the undesired effect of Floran colonies spanning across star systems, each with their own customs and levels of aggression. Despite this, individual Florans have been known to split apart from their society to lead their own lives in isolation or in the solace of other races, at the cost of being cut off from the collective and considered enemies of all flora for good.

Though a unisex race, Floran culture values survival through reproduction and expansion over environmentalism or any perceived bond to Mother Nature. Funeral rituals and wars with rival factions are commonplace, though it remains unclear whether it’s out of conservation or simple tradition.

Their aggressive nature appears to be borne from a lack of a concept of non-plant life as opposed to outright contempt. Owing to their relatively young age as a species, this tenet dominates their culture and justifies their treatment of visiting races, though there are signs of some beginning to question this, implying that Floran individuals may not be inherently “evil” as previously thought, but that they are able to make peaceful societies that are able to live in harmony with the other non-plant races.


  • Floran technology has mostly been reverse-engineered, such as discovering FTL space travel through an Avian spacecraft which crash-landed on their planet.
  • Florans gain energy and nutrients by a combination of photosynthesis and digestion of food. Photosynthesis would produce glucose while emitting oxygen, to provide energy, and digestion of meat (and possibly plant matter) would provide the nutrients to grow.
  • Some Florans appear to be able to read binary. This is most noticed when a player character floran reads a Geometric Screen: "Floran read words good. Sssay 'ssstab a meatman'. Huh." A Glitch reading the same text will say "Analysis. This display appears to read 'stab a meatman' in binary. How unusual."
  • Most Florans appear to have a serious lisp, causing words containing 's' to be drawn out (e. g. "Floran sssstab."), however the Floran Scholar at the Outpost, who wears modern clothing, as well as the special NPC Nuru from the Nightly build in the Floran mission seem to suppress this lisp, as Nuru's dialogue even states that she tries to suppress her lisp, but sometimes she can't help it.
  • It seems that many other races are set against the Florans; playing as a Floran characters will often earn a player snide remarks. One of the Hytlotl at the Outpost will remark, "Get away from me, you filth!", displaying general distrust of all Florans.

Intro Sequence

To smell fear
To hunt
To savour the taste of flesh
To consume, to spread, to multiply
These things are Floran
There is no place amongst the Floran for those with different taste.