Flashlight icon Flashlight (green) icon
Type Tool
Rarity Uncommon
Tooltip Blue: A handy flashlight! Seems to be powered by my energy pool.

Yellow: A yellow flashlight! Don't be afraid.

Red: A red flashlight! Everything looks hot.

Green: A green flashlight! A mighty glow.

Sell Value No Value
This item cannot be crafted.

Flashlights are items which project a cone of light when selected in the hotbar. Despite the starting blue flashlight's tooltip, it does not seem to drain energy. Flashlights of different colors can be found in chests.


The Flashlight is the first form of portable light generation the player has access to. It can be a very important tool when exploring caves, or when outside at night. Flashlights only require the use of one hand, meaning players can wield a second one hand item in their free hand. This means a player can wield a dagger or sword in his right hand, and a flashlight in his left hand, making combat in dark situations much easier.

Flashlights have no energy usage and unlimited duration, so players don't need to worry about using them sparingly.


Currently, there are at least four known varieties of Flashlights: The Blue (starting) Flashlight, the Yellow Flashlight, the Red Flashlight, and the Green Flashlight. Each flashlight has a different light color. The different colors serve no explicitly stated purpose other than vanity, but certain color flashlights can make finding ores easier on certain blocks.

Because flashlights are one handed, players can hold a flashlight in each hand. Although this doesn't significantly increase the brightness of the area, two different color flashlights can be combined to get a more natural lighting color.


-Reference to the Blue Lanterns in the blue flashlight description.

-Reference to the Red Lanterns in the red flashlight description.

-Reference to the Green Lanterns in the green flashlight description.

-Reference to the Yellow Lanterns in the yellow flashlight description.

-Can reacquire a normal flashlight (rather than coloured ones)