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Farming is a simple, renewable source of various organic objects such as Food, Plant Fibre and Seeds.

Basics of farmingEdit


A player-made farm.

The basic tool needed to farm is the Hoe. It is used to till soil (see list below) into usable farmland using the left mouse button. Seeds can then be placed on tilled soil. Each plant takes a certain amount of time to grow. Once they are fully grown, mouse over them and press the E key to harvest.

Seeds can only be planted on tilled soil. Some plants need more space than others. For example, Wheat requires 2 blocks of soil, while Feathercrown requires only 1 block.

Growth is calculated every 20 seconds, each of these periods is called a growth cycle.

Certain crops can be harvested over and over without needed to be replanted, Coralcreep, for example. Other crops, like Pineapples, must be replanted every time they are harvested.

As of Pleased Giraffe, Crops now require water to grow. Tilled soil will be dry and must be moistened by a watering can, rain, or dropping water on it. At each stage of the crop's growth, the soil will become dry again, and must be watered to progress further. Keeping most crops under water for too long will cause it to be washed away as if removed by the matter manipulator, and will need to be replanted. A few crops must be submerged.

List of cropsEdit

Crop Space needed
(width x height)
Growth cycles to Maturity Submerged Harvest Type
Automato 2x4 tiles ~144 No Multi-Harvest
Avesmingo 2x4 tiles (L-shaped) ~28 No Multi-Harvest
Banana 2x6 tiles ~225 No Multi-Harvest
Beakseed 1x2 tiles ~141 No Multi-Harvest
Boltbulb 1x2 tile ~38 No Single-Harvest
Boneboo 2x4 tiles ~24 No Multi-Harvest
Carrot 1x2 tile ~144 No Single-Harvest
Chili 2x3 tiles ~279 No Multi-Harvest
Coffee 2x4 tiles ? No Multi-Harvest
Coralcreep 2x2 tiles (L-shaped) ~24 Yes Multi-Harvest
Corn 2x5 tiles ~40 No Multi-Harvest
Cotton 2x4 tiles No Multi-Harvest
Crystal Plant 2x1 tile ~288 No  ?
Currentcorn 1x2 tile >180 No Single-Harvest
Diodia 2x1 tiles ~72 No Single-Harvest
Dirturchin 2x1 tiles ~18 No Single-Harvest
Eggshoot 1x1 tile ~35 No Single-Harvest
Feathercrown 1x1 tile ~36 No Single-Harvest
Grape 2x4 tiles ~63 No Multi-Harvest
Kiwi 1x1 tile ~36 No Single-Harvest
Mushroom  ?  ? No Single-Harvest
Neonmelon 2x2 tile >360 No Single-Harvest
Oculemon 2x3 tiles >90 No Single-Harvest
Pearlpea 2x4 tile >180 No Multi-Harvest
Pineapple 2x2 tile ~142 No Single-Harvest
Potato 1x2 tile ~63 No Single-Harvest
Pussplum 1x2 tile ~74 No Single-Harvest
Reefpod 2x1 tile ~51 Yes Single-Harvest
Rice 1x3 tiles ~30 No Multi-Harvest
Sugarcane 2x5 tiles >10 No Single-Harvest
Tomato 2x4 tiles >45 No Multi-Harvest
Toxic Top 2x1 tile ~279 No Single-Harvest
Wartweed 2x2 tiles ~24 No Single-Harvest
Wheat 2x4 tile ~27 No Single-Harvest

Growth factorsEdit

Currently, rainfall, biome, dirt type, temperature, and other planetary factors do not influence plant growth, crop yields, etc. Crops have different growth cycles. Corn, for example, takes about four times as long to grow into a mature plant as compared to wheat.

In the future, the aforementioned factors may influence plant growth, making some biomes more "fertile" or favorable to farm.

List of Farmable SoilsEdit

Type Description
Dirt Block Dirty looking dirt.
Wet Dirt It's not quite mud, it's not quite dirt.. it's wet dirt!
Dry Dirt Dirt, dried solid in the sun.
Mud Thick and sticky mud.
Clay Dry and dusty clay.
Ash Block Ash packed tight into a solid block.
Corrupt Dirt Block Ick. Corrupt dirt.
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