Enemies in Starbound are procedurally-generated creatures which are generally hostile towards the player.

Due to the near-infinite number of possibilities of generated enemies, seeing the exact same enemy generated on two different planets will be extremely unlikely. although there are a number of creatures which are specially created by the designers which are used on certain planets.

Monster difficulty is based on the difficulty level of the planet they are generated on. Later Chucklefish will give each bodypart different health and powers like fire breath. Generally larger monsters have seemingly higher Health than smaller monsters. However, there is no apparent correlation to monster aggressiveness, and even the smallest, most adorable monsters may try to eat you, should you venture too close.

The species of monsters that spawn on the planet's surface may alter between day and night, with larger, more hazardous creatures tending to spawn at night.

(Note: The monsters shown below are some examples of enemies that may be generated, and may not (and probably will not) be encountered by the player on a regular planet.)

Quadruped MonstersEdit

These monsters are longer and are generated in four parts; head, legs, body and tail. It is all then recolored in the engine to make the parts fit together correctly. There are some examples of the generated monsters to the top. Contrary to the name, these monsters can have more than four legs.

Biped MonstersEdit

These monsters are usually tall and thin when compared to other monsters, they also consist of four or five parts; the head, the body, the legs, the arms, and sometimes tails. Much like other Monsters, they also get recolored to help the parts fit together.

Smaller Biped MonstersEdit

These monsters are usually short when compared to other monsters. They consist of four or five parts; the head, the body, the legs, arms, and sometimes tails. Much like the other Monsters, they also get recolored to help the parts fit together. These monsters usually can be captured with a Capture Pod to be made as a pet which could fight alongside the player.

Flying MonstersEdit

Less is known on how these enemies are generated, they are believed to consist of three parts; the head, the wings and the bottom part, where the legs would be. As the title would suggest, these enemies are flying.

Swimming MonstersEdit

Many monsters can be found under water such as these: Berat Gay

There are aggressive fish and non aggressive fish, only large fish can be aggressive though some are not, but all small fish are peaceful.


Mini-bosses are the same as normal monsters, but they are two times bigger and have a red aura around them along with stat boosts. They either drop a melee weapon or a gun, like an NPC, with a chance of them dropping a legendary one. There can be any amount of mini-bosses on a planet, but they are rare, making it hard to find multiple monsters on the same planet. Mini-bosses also are only found in adult forms.


Bosses are powerful monsters that do not spawn randomly: rather, the player must use a specific item to 'summon' them. Each boss always looks and acts exactly the same when summoned, and drops a specific item which is needed to proceed further in the game. Currently, Starbound has four bosses and/or dungeons that can be accessed :

  1. The Erchius Mining Facility
  2. The penguin UFO Dreadwing
  3. The Mysterious Party
  4. and the Weapons Testing Site

For more information on bosses, view the Bosses page, or for more information on any individual boss, view 'that boss's specific page.

Pre-made MonstersEdit

A number of pre-made monsters will also make it into the game. Here is a list of a few monsters we currently know about:


Poptops were the first place winner of the "Monster Monster Contest!"

When provoked, they will attack you with their mouth which is hidden above their eyes!

They also have an alternate version which is a large, more threatening version. Most likely the mother or father of the group.

U.S.C.M MarineEdit

A soldier of the human military organization the U.S.C.M, they are currently only found inside Human Bunkers (Dungeons)

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