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Dungeons are procedurally generated structures on Planets that are divided into different rooms/corridors which have unique blocks, objects, spawn points, connection points, and so on. They are typically full of lots of chests and loot, and mobs in the dungeons are often a good source of Stimpacks. Each race has its own dungeon themes.

Known Dungeons

The following is a compilation of the dungeons that have been explored and recorded.

NOTE: This is not a complete list.

Dungeons by RaceEdit

Apex DungeonsEdit

Apex Dungeons will generate depending on the Biome of the planet

Apex Research Laboratory Edit

Apex Research Bases are hi-tech designed bases that generally extend underground. These dungeons rarely have guardians, but when they do, they usually are visually robotic appearing, with tracks, wheels, or mechanical legs instead of organic legs. They also have drills attached. Apex dungeons also have electric fence blocks, that will shock anyone who touches them. Often these bases will have jumping-based mazes to survive in order to reach their treasures. The walls of these research bases are usually covered in Apex propaganda and signs, and furniture in these dungeons consist of chairs, desks, computers, lamps and warning signs.

Crystal Laboratory Edit

Crystal laboratories are underground structures modeled in an ultramodern style. They are easily recognizable due to their crystalline motifs and floating crystals that drop pixels when struck. Sometimes there are floating crystal-like structures above the structure. They are composed of the same material as the base itself.

They are decorated with wall panels, junk tech, and pressurized steel, with Apex and ship doors located inside. Some areas are very dimly lit, with large amounts of lava surrounded in glass illuminating rooms. Interesting structures include a large "control room" with a red metal structure in the center that ejects Matter Blocks when interacted with, it may also kill the player upon interaction. Hi-Tech chests may be rarely found, as well as lava pits and electric traps.

The laboratory is guarded by Apex wearing the Frontliner set of armor (This is a racial set for the Apex, though the guards seem to have a weaker set) that seem "zombified", claiming the player to be an invading non-believer and must die. In some areas, the laboratory may be guarded by Glitch soldiers. Glitch soldiers have the same dialogue and hostility as their Apex counterparts. Enemies have a chance of saying, "They compel me, leave while you can," which may mean they are being coerced or controlled against their will.

Avian DungeonsEdit

Avian TempleEdit

The Temples are surface spawning structures based loosely around an Aztec design with several large sacrificial altars scattered throughout. The Temple is surrounded on both sides by a moat with torches stretching across the surface. The enemies inside are Avian designs with aztec garb and large headpieces; all are equipped with machine gun style ranged weapons as well as fast attacking knives.These temples also spawn in a Tower format stretching 10 or fifteen stories in the sky before topping out. The tower spawn may or may not have an avian NPC sacrifice spawn inside the top of the tower. The enemies inside are Avian and are equipped with both ranged avian blasters and melee weapons.

Avian VillageEdit

This has armed avian both ranged and melee. There are also stores were avian can give you items for a trade of Pixels. There are many stores which where you can buy clothes and food. Tip: When you arrive at a village do not hold a weapon; they will take it as an offense and try to kill you.

Avian Catacombs Edit

Avian Catacombs appear as big eagle heads on the outside, in addition the entrance may be concealed just under the surface similar to a tomb. Inside are skeletal bird-like creatures, scorpion-like creatures, and Avians (melee range only). The traps consist only of sawblades in pits you have to jump over, the trap pits are identifiable by a low pitched whirring sound. There are also many caskets around that contain meat, bones, pixels, and sometimes silver or gold. The profusion of Ceremonial masks on the walls and sarcophagi which are layed against the background signify that the catacomb may have been designed similar to an egyptian pyramid in use, i.e a tomb. There are a variety of statues that can be collected as well as the funerary equipment.

Floran DungeonsEdit

Floran PrisonEdit

These prisons closely resemble Avian prisons, but they have a few key differences. First and most obvious, Florans are the guards. Second, there is lava everywhere. Third, there are always birdcage-like cells either hanging from the ceiling or crashed, broken on the ground. There are also burning coals, which damage the player, and floranprods dropping from some guards.

Glitch DungeonsEdit

Glitch CastlesEdit

Glitch Castle Large

View of a Glitch Castle

Glitch Castle

A Glitch Throne Room

A Castle Structure with NPCs, such as Knights, Soldiers, and a King. Upon his death, the King drops the Crown, which can be equipped as a helmet. The Castle is decorated in a medieval style and has full sized chess figures and several medieval decorations in it. It also contains several Chests and a Dungeon. The guards will never let you in, the only way inside is through the fight. There's often a letter in a desk at the top of the castle. It's written by a visitor and tells the reader how the glitch were hosts, implying they were quite hospitable.

Human DungeonsEdit

USCM Military BaseEdit

USCM Secret Bases are underground bases full of USCM Marines and USCM Robots. They have a High-Tech theme, similar to but different from the Apex theme. They are easily recognized by the large USCM letters printed on hallway walls. These bases generally have small structures above them on the surface, usually manned by a single guard. The intereriors are decorated with metal tables and chairs, and futuristic lights. Lootable items include Cola Machines, wooden and metal crates, bookshelves, lockers, and metal desks, rarely Hi-Tech chests. If it spawned in a cold biome (like snow) it will also contain Space Heaters.

USCM Penal ColonyEdit

Large above-ground structure made up of a number of structures connected by paths topped with barbed-wire. All NPCs are hostile humans, wielding weapons ranging from melee brooms to rapid-fire sniper rifles. NPCs are leveled around the planet's level. The penal colony is identifiable by the Penal colony signs at both entrances and the spotlights that are readily available across the length of the colony. Inside the colony you will find a plentitude of crates which have a higher than average chance to spawn stims of various colors, or pixels. The cells are either dingy two bedroom cells or one bed rooms with insane scratchings on the walls. In addition to cellblocks, the penal colony has several mess halls, an interrogation room, a recreational room, and a shower room.

Hylotl DungeonsEdit

Novakid DungeonsEdit

Other DungeonsEdit

Excavation SitesEdit

Large dungeons that go deep underground. They can be recognized by their wooden platforms, support beams and natural cave walls. These dungeons have large amounts of lootable crates and smashable pots. They also seemly have a higher chance to carry different varieties of flashlights . These dungeons are usually abandoned, and have monster guardians instead of hostile NPCs . It is possible for large lakes to occur in these dungeons as well, as if the dungeon had flooded at a previous time. These dungeons can also be naturally connected to further unexplored caves, unlike most NPC-created may also find a frog statue which is worth the pixles.

Sewer Dungeon Edit

Sewers Small


Sewer Dungeons are subterranean dungeons guarded by insects and sewage monsters like the Poo Monster and Jumping Poo. Toxic liquids and piles of sewage are commonplace in these dungeons. The entrance to a sewer dungeon is usually marked by an outhouse, with a long vertical drop. Enemies in this dungeon can poison you with their attacks. The Robotic Spiders are neutral, attacking you if you attack first.

Pirate ShipsEdit

Pirate ships are above ground structures marked by an anchor at ground level. The pirates on-board are not automatically hostile, but attacking the ship should still be done carefully since almost all the occupants are armed. Many containers on pirate ships will be supplied with weapons of all types, including guns: the merchant that is frequently on the ship also sells guns, making the ships one of the few reliable sources of guns early in the game.  

Generation MethodEdit

Dungeons are built by procedurally mixing and matching a set of rooms that were designed beforehand. The blocks that make up each room are loosely defined by a template image. The image uses one pixel per tile to determine what the dungeon will look like. The color of each pixel corresponds to an item or set of items in a key. In this way it will either place a specific item or designate a set from which the outcome will be determined randomly.


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