Cooking is the act of refining food items in game to be eaten, ultimately to restore hunger. Currently, there are two types of cooking: Camp Fire Cooking and Advanced Cooking.

Camp Fire CookingEdit


An example of the basic Camp Fire HUD.

Camp Fire cooking is done at a Camp Fire. The Camp Fire is used to cook Raw Alien Meat into Cooked Alien Meat, Cooked Alien Meat into Meat Chunks, and Alien Bacon into Cooked Bacon, all of which can then be eaten by the player to restore hunger. The only known items that are cooked on the Camp Fire are Raw Alien Meat, Raw Poultry, Raw Fish, and Alien Bacon. Alien Meat is the simplest way to restore hunger, as random aliens can easily be hunted once the player has a bow, while Alien Bacon must be bought from food vendors.

Advanced CookingEdit


An example of the Kitchen Counter HUD, where Advanced Cooking takes place.

Advanced cooking is done at a Wooden Cooking Table or Kitchen Counter. With Advanced cooking, players can craft more complex food items from their ingredients, which generally are more efficient at restoring the Hunger bar. Each race has different recipes to follow when doing Advanced cooking.

In order to take advantage of more exotic crops found across the galaxies, the player will need to craft a Kitchen Counter.

Starting RecipesEdit

Each race has a selection of five recipes that they begin the game knowing. Blueprints for these can typically be found in villages of the corresponding race.

Apex Avian Floran Glitch Human Hylotl
Banana Bread Boiled Pearlpeas Burning Eyeballs Bolt O's Burger Brineapple
Banana Cream Pie Carrot Bread Hot Bone Candy Automato Candy Apple Candied Pearlpeas
Bananacon Curried Beakseed Meat n' Marrow Copper Key Pie Sweet Corn Coralcreep Curry
Battered Banana Pearlpea Pancakes Oculemon Stew Piodia Vanilla Ice Cream Ricecake
Roast Banana Wartweed Stew Offal Stuffed Automato Veggie Soup Saltsalad
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