Camp Fire
Camp Fire icon
Type crafting
Sub-Type Light Source
Placeable Yes
Rarity Common
Tooltip Embers dance away from the campfire, warming the air.
Sell Value 200 Pixels
Material In Furnace
Crafted With 5x Unrefined Wood

1x Torch

Camp Fires can be used as sources of light, heat, and for cooking food. It is required for crafting a furnace. The Camp Fire occupies a 2x1 tile space. The heat is not as good as a furnace but works half as well.

To cook, interact with the camp fire by pressing E while it's highlighted. Then place the item you wish to cook in the first slot on the left. Once the item is placed, click the "cook" button. If the food can be cooked, the process will begin and the finished product will appear on the second slot to the right. Typically, Raw Alien Meat is cooked using the campfire. 

Camp fire

The camp fire interaction menu. The player is about to cook a piece of Raw Alien Meat.

Cookable Items Edit