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People are powerful enemies found at the end of missions as a challenge for the player to defeat. They have high health and powerful attacks, making them much more difficult to defeat than normal enemies.

People must be defeated in order to progress into the game's storyline and unlock the next mission. Defeating each boss awards the player with a quest completion, sometimes with rewards (e.g. defeating Dreadwing awards the processor).


Erchius Horror

Erchius Horror.gif

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Erchius Horror is found in the Erchius Mining Facility mission. It spreads damaging beams of energy around it, two at first, opposite each other, they spin in a circle. Then four after it's been shot once, they move in a circle, but alternate between left and right. It also has 6 beams after you hit it the 3rd time, in a waving-up-down motion. It also spawns a Moontant after each beam phase.

Being struck with the Mining Laser will cause the crystal to crack and shards will fall to the ground. After three shots the boss will be defeated, allowing players to complete the mission.

despite being the first boss, it has the most hp of any boss. This is offset by the fact that you never deal any direct damage to it; you only attack it through the laser.


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Asra Nox

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Kluex Statue

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Big Ape

omixMain Article: Big Ape

Can only be killed by hitting the drone around him

The Bone Dragon

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The Bone Dragon is the boss of the glitch mission with Asra Nox mounted on the head.

Optional Bosses

Penguin UFO


Main Article: Dreadwing

Fought in the Dreadwing mission, given by the penguin at the outpost.

It appears as a giant flying UFO driven by a penguin. It spawns penguin soldiers, penguin tanks, and mini UFOs. It attacks by shooting lasers that can break you or slamming itself onto the ground and proceed to kill you as quickly as possible

First revealed in public stream at Insomnia Gaming Festival

Shockhopper MK I.gif

Penguin Robot MK I

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Shockhopper MK I is the tier 1 boss, fought in the mission Mechanical Testing, given by Dr. aggy in the outpost.

This boss replaced Fatal Circuit. Attempting to use the inactive robot will summon this boss instead. The boss attacks the player with melee attacks, electric balls and ranged missile, flamethrower attacks, and sand noots attack.

The boss will eject the penguin ship pilot after the battle. After talking with him and him thanking the player for helping him test his mech, you turn the mission into him and the mission is complete.

Giant Jelly

Jelly King.png

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This is the only pre-Upbeat Giraffe boss still in the game, summoned using the Peanut Butter Trap. As of now, this boss is purely optional as its drops nothing It is removed from the files so you cant spawn it anymore