• Beelim

    Your friend on Starbound made you a birthday present, building a marvel of landscaping and architecture that is worth 10s of MBs of data in cyberspace. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to enjoy this wonderful gift on your own in single player, for you have to log into the same server for which you don't have access. Or maybe, Starbound just updated with a new ball-busting "patch" that destroys your original universe, leaving only the .world files untouched with no way to keep all your hard-earned work down the years. It all seems.....futile?

    Or is it?

    Actually it is not, and this guide is here to teach you how to back up or salvage your planet files on Starbound, or even share and enjoy them with others on cyberspace! if you are…

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  • VelvetClaw

    SWC poll

    January 21, 2019 by VelvetClaw
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  • Kellensternberger

    I can believe you guys spend your time on this I guess I would get it if you were just typing some of facts about Starbound but your just talking to each other why don’t you get an app for that or a job or better yet GET A DATE I mean seriously like what the hell are you guys even doing I just came on this to get a simple question answered but for the five seconds I was on this I just see people complain and cry about stupid things to each other, I mean your just spending your time on this being losers, just sitting at your computer I mean even I a kid can see how sad this is just bad do some thing with your life start a company or something just get of your ass and do so ya that’s all I need to say.

    You know what I’m just going to act like…

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  • Beelim

    Mod stuff

    January 14, 2018 by Beelim
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  • VelvetClaw

    SWC mod testing log

    June 25, 2017 by VelvetClaw
    • Scientists seem to be working for now. We successfully spawned one Twi'lek scientist tenant.
    • However, we discovered that there are issues associated with Neon villagers - we did spawn one that died upon interaction.
    • Electrician tenants are pending and need to be checked.
    • SWC merchants are all naked. Costume oversight, or a bug? have not tried to interact with them yet.
    • Chef merchants are however fully clothed and fully functional.
    • ISSUE While most Zabrak (?) Philantropist tenants were successfully spawned, one died and could not be revived. Still unsure as to what is going on.

    Some thoughts: Perhaps we need more dialogue, but this shouldn't have been the case. Is there a means of exploting Felin or Avali for our ends? I do not know.

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  • VelvetClaw

    So you built a large-ass palace, and want to show it off to the world? or you think you can improve better on someone's build? if this is so, this is the guide for you.

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  • LadyRavenSkye

    Starbound left Early Access on July 22nd, 2016.

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  • DissyWhoovesThePony

    Alright, so someone's hacked the forums on No one knows who the hell did it, but we know that someone got into the forums and managed to get a list of usernames and email addresses.

    The source/blog post from the devs is over here. ( )

    I'm not a dev or admin, so I'm just passing on the news that the forums are closed for a few days to a few weeks. Looks like we're gonna have to deal with Vanilla Starbound for a while.

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  • Gattuso79

    Watch that screen. any ideas how to get out?

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  • DissyWhoovesThePony

    There's multiple theories that suggest they are a parasitical influence on the Floran.

    The game shows that they experiment on the Apex and possibly the Floran. Starbound also shows that they use water as a Torture Device. My thoughts on the 'water torture' would be that they hold the entity's head in the water until they run out of breath. And perhaps they repeat it?

    In one Codex entry, I believe it's called 'The Agaran Menace', it describes either a Hylotl and an Avian or two Avians trying to survive before they get found out by them.

    Theories? Queries? Penny for your thoughts on the Agaran!

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  • Pengegg

    Starbound Lore - The Ark

    September 7, 2015 by Pengegg

    This blog is solely for users to suggest their own ideas as to what the meaning of the ark is. It's evident that there was some sort of cultural significance to this building spanning across the races of starbound, it's consideraly run down hinting that it's from some time ago but what truely has happened here is a mystery, feel free to discuss different theories as to what happened.

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  • Sammaspam

    I read a few comments from people who were unsure how Starbound's coordinate system works. After all, there is a different "universe" generated between Windows, Mac, and Linux users. I did some experimenting and research to confirm if there was anything else that affected Starbound's "random" seed generating.

    Well, long story short... it's an absolute mess.

    Based on mainly skimming through this Reddit and this Steam forum, coordinates in Starbound are also affected by (even if just SLIGHTLY):

    • Whether or not your Operating System is 32- or 64-bit (or what the .EXE is running on bit wise)
    • The version of Starbound (although that's a given)
    • Whether or not you freshly installed Starbound to your computer between version updates (e.g. from Koala to G…
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  • Sammaspam

    As requested by a couple key people, I will be going through the Vanity Item pages that I've edited and removing any Sample Location sections that do not contain any actual information. After it was pointed out to me, I agree that it looks rather tacky to have a template sitting around and doing nothing but spam a page's layout.

    In addition, I've read some concerns on whether or not a Sample Location will actually work between different copies of the game (e.g. will the Flowery Vines appear on the surface of planet A and underground on planet B on your Starbound as well as mine? - assuming we're both using the same version, of course). I will confirm this by finding a website that lists coordinates to a few various items and testing if it r…

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  • W0lfR0ck

    As I was going though the Armor page a few weeks ago and I saw a thing.

    The armor images for the Humans were a bit out of date, so I went in a updated it a bit.

    As i was doing that, I noticed something.

    We need to update the page to current gen images and such extremely badly right now. The page has been pretty much neglected for at least six months, and it shows.

    Let me just list it for the people who don't know. (This list excludes the Human section)

    1. There is nothing about the Novakids . Nothing. Zilch, Nada.
    2. As I can tell, the images for almost every race armor are outdated.
    3. The Values showing the stats of each set of armor are completely and utterly wrong.

    Now, the majority of this is just quick and easy work, so there is pretty much no excuse f…

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  • Sammaspam

    I've gone through most of the pages for the Vanity Items and updated them to have a uniform layout. I hope I've found a more efficient and clean way to display information for these pages.

    You'll likely notice that most of the Sample Location sections are labeled with "no locations have been noted yet." For areas I've found an item, I write them down using a table seen on pages such as the Flowery Mask. When Starbound has the next set of animal-themed updates, there will be a separate section of Sample Locations just for them.

    There is, of course, still a lot that needs to be done to the information we have so far with these items. A lot of Vanity Items don't have an image for the main table, and a few list an item's name, but don't actually…

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  • Sammaspam

    So I've recently gotten back into Starbound and looked back at my contributions to this wiki from a year ago. My biggest project was adding to and improving the Vanity Items section and its sub-pages.

    I have to say, I don't think I did a very good job. Most of the pages I edited have the same redundant line of text reading "___ is an armor piece best used as a vanity item due to its low stat bonuses" when that information was already established on the master list of items. In addition, I just wrote off the "How to Obtain" sections with "randomly found in chests." For a game as expansive as Starbound, that is absolutely useless.

    EDIT: It has come to my attention about the different seed generators used between the Mac and Windows versions of…

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  • WildgirlN

    This really isn't that important, but I'm confused by the high percentage of anonymous users on this wiki. Most wikis have at least 50% of their users be logged in users, but it seems like almost all the users on this wiki are anonymous.

    Why is this? Is it just because people like to vandalize? I've seen a lot of spam and vandalism around here too. :/

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  • JoeSurvivor

    So as you all know, Starbound uses a procedurally-generated set of monsters and creatures. I love how many different combinations there can be for the monsters. So I would like to see an in-game Codex of the creatures you meet(It would only be in your world so only you see the 

    codex maybe). Sorta like a field guide. Using the inspect tool you can observe the monsters you incounter to find out things like Hostility, Abilities, Speed, Damage, etc... I for one think that the inspect tool is useless so this idea could give it a purpose. You could name the creatures you encounter and give helpful tips to take down the hostile ones. The only main problem I can see with this is how to do the whole inspect and find out abilities thing. They are t…

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  • Bakkerluipaard


    February 3, 2015 by Bakkerluipaard

    nice idea of an outpost !

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  • Nahkriin X

    I am Nahkriin, a floran-human awkward hybrid. I am also Tai, the human counterpart to my leafy alter-ego.

    Anyways, I'm a Space Wanderer/Pirate and I need what any pirate would want: a crew.

    I'm looking for a crew consisting of:

    2 Florans, one female

    1 Apex (any gender)

    1 Avian (^)

    1Glitch (^)

    I don't really play online, but I think it'd be ppretty cool to assemble a crew. If you're interested, post to my talk page. I'd like a picture of your avatar(obviously to know what you look like) and a basic bio.

    If you want my avatar and bio, It's my profile, so check that out.

    So uh, I hope this blog post doesn't sink into the empty bowels of space...

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  • Dak47922

    Hey guys, I'm finally back! I decided to take a break from wiki editing for a while and now after about a full year I've decided to make my return. hopefully I can start helping out again, I have gotten a little rusty with my editing skills and a lot has changed since I left. I also wanted to thank you guys for sticking around and using this wiki. ^_^

    On the 14th Tiy released the trailer for the Winter Update it can be found on the main page or right here!

    What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  • Dragaoaq

    Hi guys!

    November 28, 2014 by Dragaoaq

    I'm new to the wikia server and i'm posting a lot of things that i find so... if you guys see any ortography error or any false information tell me. I will correct as soon as i prove it or have time to do so! :)

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  • Winggar

    Starbound Monsters

    July 15, 2014 by Winggar

    So I noticed that the starbound wikia was missing a lot for monsters so I made my own wikia just for monsters and planets.

    I need all the help I can get to get the wiki started and going, so please feel free to start adding your monsters!

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  • Orion76

    This is an event that occurs sometimes on my planet. Basically, man-made objects fall from the sky, including sattelites, tires, bottles, soda cans...

    Here are a few screenshots.

    Could someone explain what's happening here?

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  • Lachy202

    I have been trying to get someone to teach me how to make modded races ever since I got starbound. Can someone here please teach me?

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  • ParsoOnFire

    Coming back at you with another instruction of how to create a Floran Hut that can sometimes be found on travels

    • Bamboo Door: 2
    • Packed Dirt: 24
    • Wicker: 62
    • Unrefined Wood: 26
    • Thatch: 154
    • Skull on a spike (tall): 2
    • Skull on a spike (short): 2
    • Tall wooden torch: 2
    • Floran Statue: 1

    • Horizontal Axis: 18 blocks (12 on the ground, 6 from the roof)
    • Vertical Axis: 13 blocks (highest point)
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  • ParsoOnFire

    I'm going to show you all the building requirements and dimensions of a Glitch Cage that you may come across when dealing with Cultists

    • Heavy Stone Brick: 16
    • wooden planks: 100
    • iron bars: 130
    • glitch cell door: 2
    • hay pile: 1
    • glitch flagpole: 1

    • Horizontal Axis: 15 blocks
    • Vertical Axis: 13 blocks
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  • Dak47922

    Happy birthday Kida155!

    March 10, 2014 by Dak47922

    Hey everyone! Today happens to be Kida155's birthday! She's been an awesome help in administrating the wiki so everyone wish her a happy birthday! Let's see how many replies we can get!

    Dak47922 Talk 05:27, March 10, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Raylan13

    The first two tutorial videos have been created! These are more a quest primer for newcomers to the game. The content ranges from quest overviews to some basic information that players should know as they proceed.

    The first covers the first quest (depends on race, of course), running through Shop Class, Food Fight, and Out Of The Frying Pan....

    This ends Out Of The Frying Pan... - introducing players to mining and some impromptu acid rain - and culminates with Forging Ahead and First Contact.

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  • Starbound Unification

    Photo Errors

    February 21, 2014 by Starbound Unification

    Alright, so I've been trying to put some nice photos on some stubbed articles, but somehow the photos won't upload properly. Instead of a photo, a red clickable link (The link is what I put for the summary.) When clicking on it, it takes me to a page where I can upload images... only to find that a certain error occurs. Beyond that, the error code is non-specific. I was wondering if anyone else had these errors.

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  • Starbound Unification

    We are currently starbound... but the earliest choose in the game is which race you are going to play. Which race is currently your favorite? 

    I am the Starbound Unification Project. I am unofficial, and simply taking a poll.

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  • Jonathang

    Favourite planet types!

    February 20, 2014 by Jonathang

    Hi everyone! The blog posts are rather lonely here, so I'm adding this blog to jazz things up. xD

    So, what are your favourite planets? Why do you like them? For me, it's either forest and asteroid. I like forests because they have the plenty of resources, and most of them seem peaceful and calm. As for asteroids, I like them because I mined plenty of ores in a short time when I was still a noob to make quick pixels there, using the Snow Infantry Armor and Survival System. 

    So, what are yours?

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  • Piralein

    need help with tables

    February 15, 2014 by Piralein

    I added at "" tables, but it doesn't work.

    Whats wrong with it?  If you can fix it, do it for me, please. :(

    /edit: Ok I did it :D (The Table can't have a quote square)

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  • Thorsama

    Hello there!

    February 8, 2014 by Thorsama

    If you need any help with editing material on the wiki, feel free to ask. I'm quite new myself to the editing part of any kind of gaming community, but so far I enjoy it and I've picked up a few usefull "tricks".

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  • Abdool

    What can I contribute?

    February 6, 2014 by Abdool

    Well there is certainly no shortage of in-depth information on this wiki. sheesh! busy bees.

    I find myself loading this wiki up on my 2nd monitor and running to it continuously to check on crafting recipes.  It's been quite helpful in guiding me through the somewhat cryptic process of tier'ing up.

    Sometimes I just browse it and daydream about all the possibilities of it.

    I remember this same sense of awe when I first started into Minecraft.

    Hmm ... so now that I've been interacting with all these 8-bit graphics all week I'm trying to think of some way I can contribute to the community.  I think the area I'm most interested in atm is mods.  

    I'm an illustrator and this 8-bit stuff is *SO* inspiring - you have no idea.  I'm old enough now (42) to r…

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  • Abdool

    Here I am !

    February 6, 2014 by Abdool

    So I picked up Starbound - having played some Terraria some time ago.

    It's only been a week or so and I've already logged 68+ hours.

    I'm hooked! Love it, love it, love it !!!

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  • Naionaio

    Tales of a Floran explorer

    February 3, 2014 by Naionaio
    "Floran go to planetsss with Banjo!"

    Hello everyone,

    I am playing a Floran and exploring planets in hopes of getting all the food blueprints. Oftentimes, my pet Banjo (yes, that's his name) is travelling with me.

    Yesterday I stumbled upon an interesting planet: Beta Velocia 57 V b.

    It is a small desert planet and I thought it quite boring at first, with barren landscape and very few chests. Eugh.

    That was until I met Ribbit the hoarder. Ribbit is a hermit, a dog lover, a merchant, and a frog. Yes. All at once.

    most of them. Welp. My bad. Floran ssssorry.

    Having outlived my welcome, I left Ribbit to his canine family and wandered back to the desert. I passed a Floran resort complex/lava pool. The urge to canonball in it was strong but I managed not…

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  • TacoManatee

    Just joined

    February 2, 2014 by TacoManatee

    I hope for a good stay :D

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  • MisterGryphon

    Hi there! I'm just checking in with a blog post. I haven't played Starbound a lot recently, so if someone could tell me what's going on that'd be great. The main reason that I've been avoiding it is because I don't want to keep losing characters! D:

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  • Pseudobread

    Greetings Starbound Fans!

    Matt and myself will be streaming Starbound tomorrow, (Friday 9th, 2014) at 3:00PM PST on Wikia's Ustream channel, and seeing that we're kind of Starbound noobs, we'd love to have your help! We'll be starting a new game and seeing how far we can get before our hour is up, so if you have any tips or hints for us please leave them in the comments below, or jump in on the live steam chat tomorrow if you're around! Also feel free to suggest some names for our character :)

    Hope to see you there!

    Make sure to follow us on Ustream!

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  • Supsir


    January 7, 2014 by Supsir

    Hi there!

    I got Starbound on the 26th and have been making edits since January 2, 2014 but I never took the time to say hello to the community. I have minimal expeirience on other Wikias but I am hoping to learn more here and make this the best place for other players looking for information as I can! I am not currently undergoing any large projects but I would love to collaborate with somebody on a project so leave me a message if you want some help. I cant think of much else to say except for happy adventures and good luck to all of you!

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  • TailsTheFox777

    Hello there!

    January 1, 2014 by TailsTheFox777

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  • Lol you're ded

    Dear Starbounder!

    December 27, 2013 by Lol you're ded

    Hello my name is Lol you're ded,or just call me Florian.I'm a great fan of Starbound 'cause:1.It reminds of Terraria,but is better than it.2.Starbound has lots of content.3.I love the mechanic of Starbound,that you fly from planet to planet (that's awesome).And for most 4.The developers care about their game (not like Terraria's game developers)!Thats's it for now!


    My Steamprofile:CLICK MAH

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  • Lol you're ded

    A few of my ideas:

    1.Add a new species called:"Meow" (basically like a cat with hightech technology)

    2.Add the new spaceship for the Meow species.It should look like that yarn is spinned around it.

    3.Add a new subtype called:"explosives"

    4.Add a new explosive called:"Dynamite" (it's like a red stem with a rope on it).It can be thrown and explodes after 5 seconds or on direct impact on an enemy.It deals 65 damage on direct impact.If it's not a direct impact it doesn't deal damage.It does destroy blocks (10-10 diameter)and the blocks that are exploded don't drop.

    5.Add a new explosive called:"Trigger".The Trigger triggers C4 (see below).

    6.Add a new explosive called:"C4".You can click on a C4 with a Trigger and can set a time when it explodes,or y…

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  • El Barto 227

    I wish you all the best for [insert corresponding holiday here], and hope that the wiki will continue to improve in 2014. Cheers.

    -El Barto

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  • Golem Guy


    December 24, 2013 by Golem Guy

    The Mushrin are a race of merchant mushrooms in Starbound. They are only NPCs as of Angry Koala version.

    The Mushrin were created when a Apex experimented on a Floran. The Mushrin learned about technology and used it to spread their species and experiment different cultures. They decided to stick to a fairy tale culture and became merchants. They still use the technology to protect themselves from monsters.

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  • Chasky

    Hello StarBound Wiki!

    I am posting this because as you all know, Christmas is coming up! I would just like to say that I enjoy every minute posting and editing the Wiki. I would also like to thank everyone for helping out and putting such great information, for use of other players. You've all been such a great community and good sports! Also a big thanks to Dak47922 for making such a great Wiki and giving a helping hand to everyone. I could not ask for a better community than this one. Thank you all for your support and kindness. Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!



    Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

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  • MehMinecrafter

    Beginners guide.

    December 22, 2013 by MehMinecrafter

    I have made this blog so new people to the game can learn new key facts about the game. Does anyone have any ideas? You could also post small things. it could be big to someone else. Keep that in Mind.


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  • JAlbor

    Greetings building-game fans!

    Coming up next year, Wikia is planning some key programs around a high-profile building game due out in 2014. We're looking for Wikians with an appetite for creation who would be interested in getting early access to the game and help contribute to the community. There is also the possibility of travel opportunities for participants interested in attending special events. While we have to be vague for now, if this sounds like something interesting to you, let me know and I will keep in touch!

    How to contact? Simple! Just send an email to with the answer to the following questions: 1. What's your username? 2. What's your real name? 3. How old are you? 4. Where are you from? 5. Would you be int…

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  • Cutiesaurs

    New Npc evil race.

    December 19, 2013 by Cutiesaurs

    I got an idea of a new race that you might love. I called them the killer maggots from outer space! The KIiller maggots from outer space were orginally called Killer maggots from another planet but thier home planet got destoryed. After that incident they were left wandring around in space every time they tried to conquer a planet another race blasted them apart. The Races quit counting the maggot race when thier population reach the hundereds but it is belived that only 500 are still around. They take anything and kill anyone that gets in there way. They also dislike the Aviray since they destoryed thier home planets. The Maggots have drifted in deep space for 30 years and are very deadly. Rumor has it that they found the remains of the s…

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