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Biomes are different types of landscapes or environments located in the Starbound Universe. They determine basic block types, trees, plants, temperature, background, etc. The Biomes also appear to have a 'sub class' - Mini Biome pertaining to the planet itself, they can be several or just one. (e.g. the Desert Biome can have, (but not limited to): Bone or Arid Mini-Biome)

Types of Biomes Edit

Arid BiomeEdit

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The Arid Biome is a bleak, dry, rocky, and mostly empty biome, with few dead trees. What vegetation spawns in tends to look like a palm tree, or a branchless "dead" tree. No scrub brush will spawn. Arid biomes have no water at all except in mini-biomes. Dry Sand, Dry Dirt, and Cobblestone are often found here.

Asteroid Field BiomeEdit

Currently the Asteroid Field Biome is filled with ores. Since there is no gravity, a mech, or other form of propulsion, is required to navigate in.

Barren BiomeEdit

A barren planet devoid of plant life . Great for building and if the player is good at the game can attempt to terraform a bit.

Desert BiomeEdit

The desert biome is characterized by an abundance of sand, hot temperatures (during the day; it's still cold at night) and little plant life. Desert biomes are the primary source of oil early in the game, and titanium ore in gamma sectors or later. Desert planets also allow for easier mining, since sand that is dug into will collapse and pull all ore to you (beware, enemies also come falling down with it.)

Forest BiomeEdit

The forest biome is the most common biome a player initially spawns in, and can vary substantially in appearance from planet to planet. As a rule, forest biome planets are mild in temperature, and have many trees. Night-time temperatures are variable on these planets, but as a rule they are high enough for a torch to keep a player warm. The trees in a forest biome vary widely from planet to planet and can include multicolored trees, brain trees, eyeball trees, and many others.

Grassland BiomeEdit

A flat grassy biome with a fairly high monster spawning rate and frequent rain. Good biome for construction.  It can get slightly cold at night. Found in Sectors Gamma, Delta and X. It is also found in the first sector.

Jungle BiomeEdit

The Jungle Biome has dense tree cover and dense plant and vine growth. Has a high monster spawn rate and wealthy ore resources. 

Magma BiomeEdit

The Magma Biome is characterised by being heavily flooded by lava or cooled lava, leaving only small islands of rock. Magma planets are extremely dangerous to explore, but yield high amounts of valuable resources. Volcano mini-biomes are often found in the magma biomes (since they've started out as the same concept). Ground level contains the following materials: Obsidian, Ash, and Cobblestone.

Moon BiomeEdit

Moon Biomes are now only used for fuel. In the latest update, Spirited Giraffe they were changed to a fuel resource planet only.

Savannah BiomeEdit

The Savannah Biome was implemented in V. Furious Koala. It is similar to the Arid biome, made up of smooth stone, dirt and dry dirt with thorny trees.

Snow BiomeEdit

The snow biome is extremely cold, so make sure you bring some equipment or you'll freeze to death! The abundance of snow, slush and ice makes surface ores easier to spot. Igloos can spawn in snow biomes.

Tentacle BiomeEdit

The tentacle biome is characterized by giant tentacles on the planet. Oddly, the tentacles currently drop wood if cut down. Ground level contains: Dire Stone, Corrupt Dirt, and Corrupt Water. Acid rains are frequent.

Tundra BiomeEdit

The tundra biome is a wintery variant of Grasslands. This biome is extremely cold and often a high level planet with tough monsters. Here, the player can find ground level Platinum and Titanium. Take similar precautions as one would with snow planets.

Volcano BiomeEdit

A planet covered with a lot of active volcanoes and lava. No harvestable vegetation, except for some rarely found trees. Main materials that can be found here are Magma Rocks, Ash, and Cobblestone. Has a high amount of valuable ores and fuel. The temperature during the day is relatively warm/hot, with mild nights. Large amounts of lava in caves. Rust and Magma Mini-Biomes are often found here.

Alien Biome Edit

These planets are irradiated and covered in mysterious and odd plant life and animals. In this biome you can find odd

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trees and Alien Chests that can hold things like the Symbiote. This biome can be found on planets of the difficulty Risky.

Ocean Biome Edit

A planet covered in water, it has extremely small islands and almost all of the area is inaccessible without swimming or large amounts of building. Islands are typically made up of sand, and have coconut trees and banana trees on the islands. Underwater, the surface is covered in small glowing plants which can only survive in water. The surface is typically made up of sand and dirt with most minerals being deeper underground. Large fish can be enemies, but no small fish have been seen that are aggressive.

Frozen Ocean Biome Edit

This biome is characterized by freezing temperatures, small plots of land and huge oceans. As with the ocean biome, most of it's surface is underwater, with most of the islands scattered around the planet being extremely small. Likewise, the underwater surface is covered in glowing plants and has a sand and dirt composition, with large fish typically being the only enemy.


Mini-Biomes are biomes that coexist with the Main Biomes. They will be shorter than the Main Biomes in length on the planet, but add a diversive alien feel to the planet. In Mini-Biomes, the following aspects of the biome can vary: temperature, vegetation, animals and even gravity. Currently, Mini-Biomes are generated randomly on Planets.

Almost all Mini-Biomes below are confirmed official spawns as of "V. Enraged Koala"

Those that have not been confirmed will be marked.

Eyeball Mini-BiomeEdit

The Eyeball biome has trees with eyeball foliage, Oculemons, and Eye Guards.

Geometric Mini-biomeEdit

An unusual biome, the only trees have plain white trunks and are wrapped around odd, spiked, blue spheres.

Fairy Mini-Biome (Removed in upbeat giraffe)Edit

Characterized by light colored dirt and large brightly colored trees, there is low lying ground scrub brush of a brighter tint. Air enemies spawned have large fairy style wings and antennae. There are also pools of poison spawned along the ground lying areas.

Bone Mini-Biome Edit


Often characterized by its piles of Bone Blocks. No use is made of the Bone Mini-Biome as of yet (excepting chests and ore). Odd lone houses can be found here surrounded by wooden spikes and usually occupied by two Apex.

Crystal Mini-BiomeEdit

In a crystal biome, it appears that the grass and even the trees are made of crystals. Underground crystal mini-biomes can be found on some planets, and frequently have lava pools scattered within, making exploration a dangerous task.

Flesh Mini-BiomeEdit

2014-01-01 00009
This biome is made of corrupted dirt, flesh blocks, and bone blocks.  There is no music playing, the water is blood, mobs are often found, and ores spawn more in this biome than others (confirmed). Contain Flesh Chests with Flesh furniture blueprints. May be a reference to the Crimson biome in Terraria.

Giant Flower Mini-BiomeEdit

Giant Flowers
Giant flowers replace the trees in these biomes. These yield flower petals as their reward. Contain flower chests with flower furniture blueprints. Found on Jungle Planets.

Ice Sphere Mini-BiomeEdit

Only found in Tundra and Snow biomes. Cutting down these trees yields ice blocks.

Asteroid or Meteorite Mini-BiomeEdit

These currently can be found on any planet above the atmosphere. Note that the bigger the planet is, the larger atmosphere it'll have. There's no vegetation at all, but a high bird and monster spawn. It's extremely cold; Winter/Impervium set is recommended, along with many Camp Fires or Nanostoves. On high level planets, the biomes contain fuel like Uranium and Plutonium Ore.

Mushroom Mini-BiomeEdit

Mushroom mini-biomes can be found within Forest planetary biomes. Mushrooms grow from the ground like trees. They can be cut down these for mushrooms, which can be used for crafting various mushroom-related objects.

Oasis Mini-BiomeEdit

Pretty much how it sounds, an oasis in the desert. A biome dominated by sand, which is covered with windmill-like flowers. Palm trees and various small lakes spawn here, giving the impression of an oasis in a desert. 

Rainbow Mini-BiomeEdit

Neonmelons can be found in these biomes. Cutting down trees will yield Rainbow Wood.

Rust Mini-BiomeEdit

Screen Shot 2013-12-25 at 2.45.57 PM
A metallic looking biome. It contains metal coated trees and bushes, which yield Metal-coated Wood when cut down. Found in Magma and Volcano Biomes. Ground level materials include: Blaststone Blocks, Ash and Cobblestone.

Tar Mini-BiomeEdit

A biome made of tar. Large quantities of Boneboo plants and Bones can be found here.

Tentacle Mini-BiomeEdit

The tentacle biome is characterized by large tentacles on the planet surface and in the background. Oddly, the tentacles currently drop wood if cut down.

Toxic Mini-BiomeEdit

The Toxic biome is filled with toxic water holes and vine-like trees. It has many Toxic Top plants that can be harvested for their fruit and seeds.

Underground BiomesEdit


A rather creepy biome filled with organs, large masses of convulsing brain, and pulsating flesh.

Abandoned MinesEdit

Usually characterized by a wooden structure and mining scaffolding in caverns under the planet's crust.

Slime CavesEdit

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A Slime Cave in a Tundra Planet.

A section of the caverns under the planet's crust will be covered in a green slime with naturally emitting biological lights. If you "mine" the biological portions of the slime, you can get Cell Matter for recipes. Mining slime blocks allows you to gather placeable slime blocks.

Little VillagesEdit

Large underground caves with small houses and torches scattered over the cave cluster. Houses and torches drop 3 pixels each. The area is characterized by the "Soft Stone" which is scattered in clusters over the cave region.


A leafy biome. This biome shares a few characteristics of Grassland planets. It is surrounded with Plantmatterstone and Hivestones which can be used for building.
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Coded but not (Officially) Implemented Edit

Arctic BiomeEdit



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