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Apex MiniKnog Research Bases and Science Laboratories are a type of dungeon that are rather common. They are randomly generated by the game. These laboratories are made out of steel, glass, and other metal materials. Due to the commonplace nature of these structures, they can make effective early-game player housing. Laboratories can be up to 5 stories high, and very wide. 

Some Apex laboratories are inhabited by Apex Scientists, Guards, Robots, and gruesome Experiments that will turn hostile if you attempt to enter. Others are abandoned.

There are many items that you can find in these laboratories; "Cool" furnishings, science equipment, interrogation tables, the scientist outfit (vanity item), etc. 

Some Apex Laboratories have underground testing labs, which are jumping puzzles with dangerous pits filled with Tesla Spikes, Poisonous Pools, and Lava  (although placing blocks such as Dirt will allow you to simply walk over the trapped pits). At the end of the testing chamber, there is often a High-Tech Chest, which usually contain a random tech OR assorted items as a reward. Some facilities are protected by a shield that prevents taking any items. The shield can only be removed by completing all testing puzzles and fighting the mainframe computer until it explodes.

Commonly Found Furnishings:









Commonly Found Items:


  • Apex puzzles refer to the Aperture Science Testing Chambers in the Portal Franchise.