NPCs are non-player controlled characters. They can provide quests, sell items. Some even give you back story and lore. NPCs consist of guards, merchants, and villagers living in villages according to their race. These NPCs are procedurally generated, though their armor and behavior will adhere to their setting.

NPC villagers and guards

Villager working with Guards and Guard captain

Currently, Guards will spawn with random equipment tier according to the planet level, while the Guard captain will spawn with higher tier equipment. Killing an NPC may cause merchants on that planet to stop trading with the player[1]

Tiy- NPCs will approach each other and ‘silently chat’. Meaning you’ll see their lips move and you'll see them emote to each other. They’re also aware of the time of day, so they’ll head out during the day, they tend to stay in at night and sleep. They each have a name and will sometimes call each other by name. Villagers will egg on the guards as they attack you, they’ll look for safety when attacked and react when they feel they’ve escaped. Villagers that see you attack another villager will call the guards.[2] Villagers will be more inclined to hang out outdoors during the day, and while they’re out there they’ll work the fields[3]

Main Story NPC編集

Leda Portia
Esther Sprite
Nuru Sprite
Koichi Sprite
Asra Sprite
Lana Sprite
Baron Sprite
Tonauac Sprite
Leda Portia Esther Bright Nuru Koichi Asra Nox Lana Blake The Baron Tonauac

Unique NPCs編集

Swamp Tenant
Alpine Tenant
Steampunk Tenant
Grounded Avian Tenant
Philanthropist Tenant
Mushroom Tenant
Maggot Man Tenant
Flesh Tenant
Eyepatch Tenant
Merchant Hylotl Tenant

Unique NPCs are those that are pre-designed, and not made through the procedural generation engine. They can be found on planets, as part of quests, or in villages and dungeons.

These also include tenants which are summoned using a Colony Deed. Tenants are spawned based on the furnishings you provide their housing. Many tenants are semi-unique, meaning they may be procedurally generated but have a very limited number of parameters available.