Starbound's lore is presented to the player through books, logs, papers and other materials found in the game world, as well as conversations with NPCs who will change what they say based on your race.

Once a codex has been collected it's permanently available in that character's Codex Library, which can be opened by clicking the side menu icon or using the hotkey [L].

In early beta most lore was written primarily by Ashton Raze and Demanrisu. Later, almost all codexes were heavily revised by Abi and Rosiedeux in update cheerful giraffe .

"It may seem like a small/insignificant feature to some, but it's something we hope will greatly contribute to the atmosphere of the game as well as the sense of discovery in constantly reading new tidbits of information about each race. So...lore fans, rejoice!" - "The Starbound Chronicle: July 2013"

Starter Codex Entries編集

Every player learns these entries when they begin the game.

Racial Codexes編集


Project De-Ape Lab Report Icon 'Project: De-Ape' Lab Report

Apex An Identity Lost Icon Apex: An Identity Lost

RE Selection bias Icon RE: Selection bias!


Avoscript Verse 1-1-1 Icon Avoscript: Verse 1:1:1

Avoscript Verse 23-4-27 Icon Avoscript: Verse 23:4:27



Built for Purpose I Icon Built for Purpose? I
Built for Purpose II Icon Built for Purpose? II


Human Census Report Icon Human Census: Report


Mission Codexes編集

Erchius Mining Facility編集

Ceremonial Hunting Caverns編集

Grand Pagoda Library編集

The Great Sovereign Temple編集

Miniknog Stronghold編集

The Baron's Keep編集

Other Codexes編集

Dreadwing & Shockhopper編集

Dreadwing the Penguin (Codex) Icon Dreadwing The Penguin

Shockhopper Mech Mk I (Codex) Icon Shockhopper Mech Mk I


Hiraki Corale, Hylotl Adventurer 編集

Yolotli's Diary編集

Legacy Lore編集

There are a number of codex entries which set the early groundwork for the game's lore that have been removed. Most of these codexes were found in dungeons and villages during beta. They're no longer in the game files so they are no longer obtainable by any method.


Apex 編集

Avian 編集

Floran 編集

Glitch 編集

Human 編集

Hylotl 編集

Agaran 編集

Specific Entries - Characters or Groups of Characters 編集

Airship 編集

Greenfinger of the Floran 編集

Hewlett Deckard - Glitch bounty hunter 編集

Hiraki Corale, Hylotl Adventurer 編集

Huntmaster Sunflower Tzu 編集

K'arn Hollowbeak, Avian scholar 編集

Platinum Ace, Outcast Leader 編集

Professor Irondome 編集

Rochard Hawkings 編集

The Po-metheus 編集

Other 編集

Boss entries編集

Old Bosses droped codex entries containing lore about them.


These original codexes about each mission could be found in chests around the map.

Erchius Mining Facility編集

Floran Caverns編集