Holiday items and objects are those which are holiday themed, and coincide with a real world holiday.


Chocolate (Valentine)
There was a small group of Valentine themed items added with update Enraged Koala. They aren't dependant on any holiday crafting materials, but require a special crafting station to make, the Heart Forge.

Materials Quantity Instructions Result




Click E on either a Wooden Crafting Table or Forge. Then select Heart Forge.
Heart Forge

Cosmetic Set
Cupid's Set
Heart Wreath Icon Heart Wreath
Cupid's Sash Icon Cupid's Sash
Cupid's Diaper Icon Cupid's Diaper
Cupid's Wings Icon Cupid's Wings
Holiday Items



Christmas Season編集

Giant Snowflake
There were a number of Christmas holiday items added last holiday season. They are no longer obtainable in game using normal gameplay, as the required crafting material, Holiday Spirit, no longer drops from monsters. The assets for Christmas Holiday items are still in the game files though, and can be obtained through use of third party inventory editors and mods.

The following can be crafted using the basic level crafting station, the Toymaker's Table.

Materials Quantity Instructions Result
35 Click C to open the crafting menu. Then select Toymaker's Table.
Toymaker's Table

Holiday Spirit Icon
Everything made with the table is crafted with a seasonal material, Holiday Spirit. When the holiday event is over no new crafting material can be obtained until the next year.

Mr Claus Set
Mr Claus Set
Mr Claus's Hat Icon Mr Claus's Hat
Mr Claus's Coat Icon Mr Claus's Coat
Mr Claus's Pants Icon Mr Claus's Pants
Mr Claus's Sack Icon Mr Claus's Sack
Mrs Claus Set
Mrs Claus Set
Mrs Claus's Hat Icon Mrs Claus's Hat
Mrs Claus's Coat Icon Mrs Claus's Coat
Mrs Claus's Pants Icon Mrs Claus's Pants

Holiday Objects

Big Green Gumdrop Icon Big Green Gumdrop
Big Present Icon Big Present
Big Purple Gumdrop Icon Big Purple Gumdrop
Big Red Bow Icon Big Red Bow
Big Red Gumdrop Icon Big Red Gumdrop
Blue Present Icon Blue Present
Broken Candy Cane Icon Broken Candy Cane
Crooked Candy Cane Icon Crooked Candy Cane
Crooked Stocking Icon Crooked Stocking
Crooked Candy Cane (Red) Icon Crooked Candy Cane (Red)
Crooked Candy Cane (Straight) Icon Crooked Candy Cane (Straight)

Decorated Tree Icon Decorated Tree
Decorative Holly Icon Decorative Holly
Dreidel Icon Dreidel
Fairy Lights Icon Fairy Lights
Faux Fir Tree Icon Faux Fir Tree
Festive Candles Icon Festive Candles
Giant Green Gumdrop Icon Giant Green Gumdrop
Giant Holiday Bells Icon Giant Holiday Bells
Giant Lollipop Icon Giant Lollipop
Giant Lollipop (Swirl) Icon Giant Lollipop (Swirl)
Candy Block Icon Candy Block

Giant Purple Gumdrop Icon Giant Purple Gumdrop
Giant Red Gumdrop Icon Giant Red Gumdrop
Giant Snowflake Icon Giant Snowflake
Gold Ball Holiday Ornament Icon Gold Ball Holiday Ornament
Green Candy Cane Icon Green Candy Cane
Green Present Icon Green Present
Holiday Pole Icon Holiday Pole
Holiday Rocket Sleigh Icon Holiday Rocket Sleigh
Jetpack Santa Statue Icon Jetpack Santa Statue
Little Red Bow Icon Little Red Bow
Red Ball Holiday Ornament Icon Red Ball Holiday Ornament

Red Candy Cane Icon Red Candy Cane
Red Present Icon Red Present
Red Stocking Icon Red Stocking
Shiny Red Bow Icon Shiny Red Bow
Small Faux Fir Tree Icon Small Faux Fir Tree
Small Snowflake Icon Small Snowflake
Teal Present Icon Teal Present
Waz Lights Icon Waz Lights
Small Unusual Gift Box Icon Small Unusual Gift Box
Big Unusual Gift Box Icon Big Unusual Gift Box

Heart Forge
Chocolate (Valentine)Cupid's BowCupid's DiaperCupid's SashCupid's WingsFlower BouquetHeart Wreath
Toymaker's Table