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Fuel Hatch
Fuel Hatch

Accepts Liquid Erchius as fuel for the ship's FTL dive.

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The Fuel Hatch is a primary component of player ships. It breaks down Crystal Erchius Fuel and Liquid Erchius Fuel found on moons to provide fuel which the ship requires to navigate to different locations.

Fuel is the resource ships need to travel. When navigating the star chart and selecting a planet, the UI will show how much fuel is required to travel to that location.

Traveling to planets within the local solar system uses no fuel, but it's required to travel to other solar systems.

Fuel Conversion編集

Liquid Erchius Fuel Icon Liquid Erchius Fuel 1 Liquid Erchius Fuel 1 Fuel
Crystal Erchius Fuel Icon Crystal Erchius Fuel 1 Crystal Erchius Fuel 2 Fuel


Apex IconApex:The FTL drive fuel hatch. Converts fuel into freedom.
Avian IconAvian:The FTL fuel hatch. Let's load it up and take to the stars!
Floran IconFloran:Fuel hatch for FTL drive. Let'ss fill it up!
Glitch IconGlitch:Excited. This hatch fuels the FTL drive so that I may visit planets outside of this system.
Human IconHuman:The ship's fuel hatch. With fuel for the FTL drive I can explore outside this system.
Hylotl IconHylotl:The humble FTL fuel hatch. Fuel is the lifeblood of exploration.
Novakid IconNovakid:FTL fuel goes in here!


  • Upbeat Giraffe:Added Liquid Erchius Fuel, Coal and Unrefined Wood no longer function as fuel
  • Pleased Giraffe:Uranium and Solarium no longer naturally obtainable, and thus not relevant as fuel.