Starter Quests
Apex Icon On The Run
Avian Icon Spread Your Wings
Floran Icon Fresh Meat
Glitch Icon Time For An Upgrade
Human Icon There's No Place Like Home
Hylotl Icon Fish Out Of Water
Novakid Icon A Big Bang
Tutorial Quests
I. A Flash of Light
II. Shop Class
III. Prepare Yourself
IV. Food Fight
V. Out Of The Frying Pan...
VI. Tools For The Job
VII. Forging Ahead
VIII. Ups And Downs
Farming Quests
Hoe Icon It's time for a Hoe Down
Wooden Watering Can Icon Yes I Can!
Wheat Seed Icon The First Harvest
I. Free as a Bird
II. Fuel
Outpost I
I. Gear Up
II. Rent Well Spent
Bug Hunt
Butcher, Baker, Widow Maker
Looking Good and Dressing Well
The Funny Pages
The Under Side
Contributing to Society
Lunar Base Icon Mission I
I. Help! I Need Somebody
II. Erchius Mining Facility
Outpost II
I. Psst (Sparrow Class)
Early Days
Taking Out The Trash
Time for a Celebration
A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
I. Taking Flight
II. Makin' Paper
III. Liftoff!
Dreadwing Mission Icon Mission II
I. Be Prepared
II. Dreadwing (Part I)
III. Dreadwing (Part II)
Outpost III
I. Psst (Kestrel Class)
One Small Step
Pest Problem
The Good Book
This is my Song!
Floran Party Icon Mission III
I. The Grass is Greener
II. An Invitation
III. It's Party Time
IV. Asking Questions
Outpost IV
I. Psst (Falcon Class)
A Bone to Pick
Golden Ducky
Jail House Rock
Sharpening Up
X Marks the Spot
Weapon Testing Icon Mission IV
I. Mechanical Preparations
II. Mechanical Testing
Outpost V
I. Psst (Eagle Class)
II. Psst (Condor Class)
Fried and Battered
Pale Blue Dot
I. Bark Life
II. Hylotl's Best Friend
I. The Joker and the Thief
II. Audience of One (Part I)
III. Audience of One (Part II)
I. Leap for the Stars
II. On Paper Wings
Food Fight

To stay healthy and add to my combat effectiveness I'll need to cook some food. I should obtain some raw steak by killing a monster with a hunting bow or hunting spear and cook it on a campfire to produce cooked steak

Cooked Steak Icon Cooked Steak(1)
Pixels-Sell 10

Delicious! I'm sure I can cook some even tastier dishes once I find better ingredients. Maybe I should craft a hoe and find some seeds I can plant...

Tutorial II: Shop Class is the second in a series of tutorial quests which is given after completing Tutorial III: Prepare Yourself. It requires the player craft Cooked Steak, which can be crafted using Raw Steak at a campfire. Raw Steak can be dropped from any monster, provided it's killed using a Hunting Knife, Hunting Bow or Hunting Spear. After completing this the next tutorial quest, Tutorial V: Out Of The Frying Pan... becomes available automatically.


  • Rampaging Koala:Changed quest text and order in progression, changed name from 'Food Fight' to 'Tutorial IV: Food Fight'