The Character Creator is the UI window to setup a new character in Starbound. This is where the player selects a race, gender, and customizes the elements of their base appearance, Then give them a name. There are seven different playable races currently; The Apex, Avian, Floran, Glitch, Human, Hylotl, and Novakid. Each have there own unique ship and armors, as well as racial skills that you can unlock as you progress through the game. You will also be able to choose between the three different game modes; Casual, Normal, and Hardcore, Choose wisely they determine what happens if that character dies in-game, you may loose pixels, ore, or even that character if you are in hardcore. Once a game mode is selected for that character it cannot be changed.


  • Human:In spiite of their long and turbulent history,humans tend to posses a lighthearted and optimistic outlook towards life and the universe.
    Humanity set about forming a society that would unite the people of the unibverse - The Terrene Protectorate.
  • Avian:Avians are a race of colourful birdfolk whose tribal culture revolves around the worship of Kluex- the winged god of the Aether.
    Their soldiers are trained from birth to be fierce warriors who will protect their temples at any cost.
  • Apex:
  • Floran:
  • Hylotl:
  • Glitch:
  • Novakid:

Online Character Creator編集

There is a web-based version of the Character Creator here.This online character creator is available on the Starbound Official site. It's been stated many times, the options available in this character creator may not reflect the options available in the game version, This includes the novakid race.

The online character creator has the ability to choose an extensive selection of poses that will almost certainly not be in game. This is to make it easier for users to publish characters 'in action'.

This web-based creator also has the ability to publish character models to image files.

Easter Eggs編集

There are hidden options included in the web-based character creator, some of which are still unknown. Tiy confirmed there are six easter eggs to be found. So far the community has uncovered three.

The easter eggs so far show custom armor sets based on entry of a keyword in the name field.

Name Entry Result Discovered
Found within the image in tramsans original post for the character creator update
Discovered by Seria-Myouna by decoding an encrypted message in The Starbound Chronicle. [1]
Discoved by Luci by parsing constellation names. [2]