Scientist Quest Portrait A Dashing Individual
Side Quest
依頼人: Scientist Elliott
  • Talk to Elliott to enter the obstacle course
  • Complete the Dash Tech obstacle course
  • Return to Elliott at the Outpost

提出: Scientist Elliott
Pixels-Sell 100
Let's Get Technical
Jump-starting Development

A Dashing Individual is a quest given by Apex Scientist Elliott in the Tech Lab after completing Let's Get Technical.

After accepting the quest speaking to Elliott again will give the option to teleport to a tech challenge course. In this course the dash tech is automatically enabled, players need to activate switches then double tap a direction to dash through gates and reach the end of the course. Along the way there will be a variety of obstacles and traps, but there's no mortal danger inside the course.

At the end of the course is a teleporter back to the outpost. Once back there the dash tech will be available for use, as well as a variety of available upgrades for it at the console in the tech lab.


Outpost Scientist

Scientist Elliott


"My Dash Tech needs to be properly tested before I can go into mass-production. Would you mind putting it through its paces on my obstacle course? Talk to me again when you're ready and I can send you there."


"The Dash Tech appears to be functioning perfectly! Wonderful! Please, keep the Tech as a token of my thanks. I also have other prototypes that need testing, so come and see me again when you're ready."