Blocking character

Human female character blocking with a shield

Shields All

All possible procedural shield appearances. Top row: Common Small. Middle row: Common Large. Bottom row: Uncommon.

Shields are an item in Starbound that allows the player to defend against attacks. This action is called blocking.

After successfully blocking an attack the player can counter-attack, an attack that is sure to critically hit. Shields can be dual wielded, and also have the ability to be used offensively to stun enemies.

All shields are found randomly in chests or dropped by NPCs, except for the Basic Shield which can be crafted at an Anvil.

Procedurally Generated Shields編集

Many found shields are randomly generated with names constructed via a selection of prefixes and suffixes. They have a range of appearance based on the shield type. They can be found as either small or large shields, which are either wooden or metal.

Currently all procedural shields are of common rarity.

Premade Shields編集

Premade shields have a set amount of health defense and appearance. They can be found in specific locations and do not share an appearance with procedurally generated shields.